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Outlook 2016 calendar sharing not updating

For an OWA user, they select the calendar they want to share, then choose “Share”, and the option is listed as “Publish This Calendar…” If they’re using Outlook 2010 (), the user right clicks the calendar they want to share, chooses “Share” and again, it’s listed as “Publish This Calendar…” After clicking “Publish This Calendar…” via OWA or Outlook, the options can be chosen including the detail to show, the date range and the type of access: After clicking “Start Publishing”, the links are generated: The user can now either copy the links from this page, or via “Share” choose “Send Links to This Calendar…” which opens a new email with the two URLs attached.Opening the calendar by the recipient is easy enough.They pop in the i Calendar URL, and it shows up in the recipients Google Calendar.You’ll see below I’m subscribing to two Exchange 2010 SP1 calendars – my personal one and my team’s: (In my case – this is one aspect I personally like about the feature.I’ve quickly tried this in Outlook 2010 beta – simple right click in the calendar list, choose “Add Calendar” and then select “From Internet…” As above, after popping the i Calendar URLs in the subscriptions are created in the local Outlook client.

Getting back to the anonymous part, there are two options.

You can of course add these later either via the EMC or via EMS: Press Next, then after confirming the details, press New.

After completion you’ll see a warning that lets you know calendar publishing is enabled for this policy: Press Finish and we’re all done.

Via the EMC is also pretty straightforward and particularly suitable when you need to create multiple policies or modify existing ones.

Here’s a quick run through of how to create a new policy via EMC that only applies to certain users: Open EMC and navigate to the Organizational Configuration node, then to Mailbox and select the Sharing Policies tab: First, examine the sharing policies already present.


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