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Valid values include: None Update Copy Move Move To Deleted Items Soft Delete Hard Delete Folder Bind Send As Send On Behalf Message Bind By default, the Update, Move, Move To Deleted Items, Soft Delete, Hard Delete, Folder Bind, Send As, and Send On Behalf actions that are performed by administrators are logged.

The Audit Enabled property must be set to True to enable logging.

You can use the Update Mailbox activity to modify the settings of an existing mailbox in an on-premise or online environment. Com/ Users/JPhilips Display Name, example: Jeff Philips Distinguished Name (DN), example: CN=JPhilips, CN=Users, DC=Atlanta, DC=Corp, DC=contoso, DC=com Domain\Account, example: Atlanta\JPhilips GUID, example: fb456636-fe7d-4d58 -9d15-5af57d0354c2 Immutable ID, example: [email protected] Exchange DN, example: /o=Contoso /ou=Administrative Group /cn=Recipients/cn=JPhilips SMTP Address, example: Jeff.

The following tables list the required properties, optional properties, and published data for this activity. This property accepts the following value types: Alias, for example: JPhilips Canonical DN, for example: Atlanta. [email protected] Principal Name, example: [email protected] a list of mailbox users, mail users, and mail contacts that can send email messages to this mailbox.

Specifies the recipients whose messages bypass moderation when they send messages to this mailbox.

You can use any of the following values: DN Canonical name GUID Name Display name Legacy Exchange DN Primary SMTP email address.

If you specify a distribution group, messages are accepted from all recipients that are members of that distribution group.

If you configure a distribution group to accept messages only from the Exchange recipient, the distribution group only receives system-generated messages.

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If auditing is enabled, the actions specified in the Audit Admin, Audit Delegate, and Audit Owner properties are logged. Specifies the period for which the audit logs for a mailbox are retained.

The value must be less than the value of the Archive Quota property.

Specifies the operations that administrators can log.

The valid input range for this property is from through 24855..

Setting the value of this property to prevents the automatic removal of server statistics log files.


  1. Then after removing the Shared Mailbox from Outlook. – Send mail is not placed in the shared mailbox outbox but. Thoughts on caching shared mailboxes with.

  2. Jun 27, 2017 The only way the user can update the shared mailbox is by closing and reopening Microsoft Outlook. All other users in the environment do not have issues.

  3. Jul 05, 2017 This document is written to assist with configuring Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016 to access a shared mailbox as an Outlook profile on Windows or Mac.

  4. Sep 09, 2014 Shared Outlook calendar not updating. DaveITGuy. 5. Outlook Shared Calendar. I work in. Firstly make sure the default delivery is set to the mailbox.

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