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as the Dundee Courier & Argus, the entire front page of The Courier used to contain classified advertisements – a traditional newspaper format for many years.

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"It made me very dependent on my mother, in a good way, as I do have an amazing mother." One who deserves Tuscany, then Jamaica? He says Reign of Fire, which was universally slated, "had 300 screenings all over America and every single one had the audience screaming and applauding and cheering and laughing".

He says Machine Gun Preacher (which was described by the New York Times as "too true to be good") was badly marketed.

"It's nothing," he says, "I hadn't even noticed it. But it's at times like that you think: I should have stayed behind a desk! "I think it created a lot of sadness in my life and self-doubt." Did he explain why he hadn't been in touch for all those years? He was incredibly entertaining and a great story-teller. He believes in The Secret, whereby you visualise what you want and, voila, it comes true. He says one of the scripts "does give me a nice opportunity to grow up a bit" but then adds "not that I would want to stop doing action and adventure".

It could not be simpler to order back copies of newspapers online.

– or the subject of critical regard generally (the other elephant in the room! He has quality bone structure and what is known in the trade as 'piercing blue eyes'. um." So he quickly gives up, shrugs and says: "Yeah, I do," which I rather respect. He says, enthusiastically: "He's one of my favourite actors. Gerard Butler has an interesting back story, which you may well have read before, if you are a fan, of which there are many.

I ask: Do you think of yourself as a fantastic-looking cutie-pie with piercing blue eyes? I tell him he reminds me, slightly, of a meatier James Mc Avoy, that there's a physical similarity, but he disputes this. He's always got it right and he's a good dude, a really sweet guy. Indeed, Facebook fan sites include 'Gerard Butler is my husband…

Historical copies of the Dundee Courier, dating back to 1844, are available to search and view in digitised form at The British Newspaper Archive.

If you are looking for yesterday’s newspaper or any recent newspaper from the past nine months, is the website to come to.


  1. The group of youngsters were in Paisley town centre when they were terrorised by Elliot Image Paisley Daily Express “She added, ‘Youse are ugly wee.

  2. The digital version of the 15 February 2013 Perth edition of the Courier. Type Daily. the entire front page of The Courier used to. dating back to 1844, are.

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