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Postgresql updating millions of rows

However, this consideration only applies when wal_level is , then create any indexes needed for the table.Creating an index on pre-existing data is quicker than updating it incrementally as each row is loaded.If you are adding large amounts of data to an existing table, it might be a win to drop the indexes, load the table, and then recreate the indexes.Of course, the database performance for other users might suffer during the time the indexes are missing.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Your lack of planning does not constitute an emergency on my part...unless you're my manager..a director and above..a really loud-spoken end-user.. That said - it probably couldhave a sertious effect on performance. Actually, the logs written are always the same, regardless of recovery model.

Thanks Just checking: Do I understand you right that you attempt to switch to simple recovery model during this process?

Splitting it in several smaller transactions does not have the intended effect in bulk logged or full recovery model.

If it's all one transaction, batching it will have no effect.

The transaction will succeed as a unit or fail as a unit, and the space in the transaction log cannot be freed until that has happened. John If it's all one transaction, batching it will have no effect.


  1. Replies Psql Version 8.4 Hi, We need to widen a column on a table with millions of rows and the only way to do this currently is to migrate the data from one.

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