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If, in the past, the class had studied plot structure, learning about rising action, climax and falling action, prompts on the worksheet can require students to apply that learning.

During the screening of the movie, students should be given a few short breaks during which they are allowed to make notes of responses to the prompts contained in the worksheet.

When the right film is fully integrated into a lesson, it becomes a powerful educational experience that will not disappear from the minds of students as soon as they leave the classroom.

Unfortunately, teachers who are stressed or who have given up trying to educate their students often use movies to babysit classes.

When the movie is over, students should be given time to write out their responses or engage in class discussion about the issues raised by the prompts.

In the alternative, students can be required to write a short essay or respond to the worksheet prompts as homework.

(the CCS Standards) describe a set of skills necessary for success in college and the workplace, i.e., proficiency in reading complex texts, writing, speaking, and listening.

In addition, movies can assist in meeting many of the standards that make no specifid reference to film.

Therefore, the use of movies in class, on a limited basis, is a valuable tool for ELA teachers.

However, screen-based stories are the literature of today's youth and teachers who don't use movies as an integral part of their lesson plans are denying themselves and their students a powerful motivator.

They are foregoing the benefit of the strong current of modern technology to assist in education.


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