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Quizzes relationship break index of love teen dating advice

Grantees working with partners should make an effort to learn from partners about not only the impact of ARA in their communities, but also the intervention and prevention systems in place.

When grantees and their partners begin planning joint activities that have agreed upon objectives, the relationship can be formalized through a written document such as a letter of support, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), or contract.

It is also critical to connect with organizations in the community who have expertise in ARA prevention and develop clear policies and procedures for handling cases of disclosure, including questions of confidentiality and mandatory reporting.

Grantees who choose to begin planning their organization’s or project’s approach to incorporating ARA prevention into APP programming should clearly identify the issues and specific behaviors and topics they want to address, set achievable goals and define success upfront, establish a clear budget, determine the type and extent of activities they will incorporate, and create a realistic timeline.

These coalitions can also help identify the community-based DV/SA organizations that should be included in early and ongoing collaborative efforts.

When grantee projects are state-wide or multi-site, the state or Tribal domestic and sexual violence coalition might be the logical first contact.Grantees are encouraged to adapt elements of these plans to fit their process of planning ARA prevention activities.Back to top of section Grantee organizations that choose to incorporate ARA prevention into APP programming may need to partner early in the process with other organizations, including domestic violence (DV) and sexual assault (SA) organizations in the community.This toolkit is designed to guide grantees who want to incorporate ARA prevention into their programming through this process from start to finish. Grantees will find information on developing a project plan, strengthening partnerships with relevant organizations, and developing policies and procedures related to ARA prevention and response.The second section, Selection and Adaptation of Materials, provides tools and practical guidance about selecting materials, including specific lessons and multi-session curricula, to address ARA.This toolkit also provides guidance for grantees about selecting from the available tools and ensuring high-quality implementation of ARA prevention approaches.Different tools may be useful for grantees at different stages of their project and for grantees with different goals and levels of funding.Before that happens, grantees should have policies and procedures in place to address these situations, and staff should be trained on these policies.Grantees should have policies in place about responding to disclosures, mandated reporting of suspected child abuse and neglect, confidentiality and information sharing, and parental notification and involvement before providing ARA prevention content to project participants.It is not a legally binding document, but helps both parties understand their roles and commitments.Back to top of section Discussing issues related to ARA will likely result in disclosures from youth participating in grantee projects.


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