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That's right -- this film already warned us that women do indeed have more hiding places than men long before the Department of Homeland Security knew about it (an intelligence fault! The colour of the pictures and the effects are great, all things considered.

Some notable special effects people had their hand in Flesh Gordon (including Greg Jein, who designed the Enterprise on Star Trek's Original Series).

The heroes break into Wang's palace and have a showdown with a clay monster (rumoured to be voiced by Craig T.

Nelson of fame) but not before they are flushed down a giant commode and forced to retrieve the sorceress' nipple ring lasers when Wang shoves them into one of his nekkid orgy sluts. Video 8 of 10 The quality of the transfer is high considering the footage was rotting away in some guy's drawer after he finished with it.

Howie may have an interesting story to tell, but he never varies his voice as he reads off his lines.

Listening to this guy talk can put you to sleep if you aren't careful, so you should probably only turn on the audio commentary when you just woke up from a nap.

Gordon's jazz and rock'n'roll tours had a major impact on the Australian music scene and he also played a significant role in the early career of pioneering Australian rock'n'roll singer Johnny O'Keefe.

Just be thankful that the dialogue comes through clear -- there are memorable lines you'll want to use at various social gatherings like, "Out of the way, dildo", or taking your date home to your condo and saying, "This is the Tower of Murder; it's where I hang out." Menu and Extras 8 of 10 The menu is simple, with links going to the teaser, a stills gallery (where we got some of pics for the review), and the really damn interesting but boring as hell to listen to commentary from Howard Ziehm.

Flesh Gordon escapes with an underage nympho Dale Ardor when their plane explodes from the Sex Laser.

Once the two get off (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean, know what I mean? Flexi Jerkoff and the three take a penis ship to the Planet Porno to stop Emperor Wang.

The version from Hen's Tooth is thankfully widescreen, so it will have the entire shot.

Some lines and dots appear here and there, and the overall quality can be grainy or dark at times (especially in the outdoor gay orgy scene) but generally, the video quality is quite acceptable.


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