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Recipient update service 2016 not updating

This feature is designed to give users a one-click method to automatically check out documents without the Active X add-on for IE. Federated Identity for external domains - Repositories that use federated identity with an identity provider can now use external domains to provision new users.

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We are providing this information to assist you as much as possible in your planning and administration of the Net Documents Service for your organization. There have also been many changes to the underlying system in preparation for more visible changes in upcoming Updates.

Copy Secure Document Link – Users can now copy the secure delivery link to their clipboard while having the desktop email integration enabled.

In 15.3, we added the ability to send an HTML-formatted email through Outlook, and we removed the ability to copy the link.

HTML view of email attachments - users now have the ability to view attachments to emails in the Viewer, rather than download the e-mail.

NOTE: This feature will not be available in beta, but will be available to all users after 16.1.


  1. Proxy addresses are required not just for users, but for all recipient objects, such as contacts. Recipient Policies. Recipient Update Service.

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