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star kept things cool in a pair of shades, a navy bomber jacket, and burgundy pants while he stepped out for the day.PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Norman Reedus Earlier this month, Norman and girlfriend Diane Kruger were spotted checking out a couple apartments together in NYC’s West Village neighborhood.And by private moments, we mean this make-out session.This week’s sighting confirms the dating rumors surrounding the former co-stars, who first became acquainted on the set of the 2015 drama and were speculated to be dating in 2016 after Kruger’s 10-year-relationship with fellow actor Joshua Jackson ended.Since then, Kruger and Reedus have been spotted at the same parties a couple of times, and in December 2016, a year after the initial incident, Kruger showed up to Reedus’s photo exhibition in Paris.Now, TMZ reports, it looks like Kruger and Reedus have “taken the next step” in their relationship.

Norman Reedus, known for his role on The Walking Dead, was in a relationship with a former supermodel Helena Christensen for almost five years. Norman Reedus also has found a new lover and so far his relationship is going well.

But unfortunately, their love didn't go the distance. Later, Diane was spotted at Norman’s art exhibition in Paris but provided no hints about their relationship as they managed to stay clear of any PDA.

As of now, Christensen is doing great with her current partner Paul Banks. But like they say the truth cannot remain hidden for a long time, the couple was seen kissing in NYC.

TMZ and the Daily Mail just published several photos of Diane Kruger and The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus returning from a “romantic road trip” in New York City.

The photos, which you can view here and here, show Kruger and Reedus unloading bags from Reedus’s Porsche — pretty innocuous, unless you consider the couple’s reportedly scandalous past.


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