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In the Greco-Roman world, from where Christianity later flourished, the most dominant cult (1000 BC) of a savior nailed upon a crucifix was that also of the pagan fertility god (left), who suffered persecution, died, and then rose again from the dead.Only was it until the late 5th century that genuine portrayals of Jesus on a crucifix were found, as before this time however, artifacts had all but depicted Jesus as the fish, or as the shepherd, but never on a Cross.Are you ignorant of the multitudes who have invented similar tales to lead simple minded hearers astray? The last of these, by the way, is said to have played dice with Demeter in Hades and to have received a golden napkin as a present from her.It is said that Zamolxis, Pythagoras' servant, convinced the Scythians that he had risen from the dead... Now then, who else: What about Orpheus among the Odrysians, Protesiaus in Thessaly and above all Heracles and Theseus." Plato deemed that its tradition, including the euphonies of Isis were over 10,000 years old.The ancient Romans referred to the Stellar cults of Venus as "Lucifer" the light bringer, or the morning star that announced the daily birth and death of the divine Sun from Dawn/Aurora, the morning goddess of the Sun.In Phoenicia, Venus was known as "Shaher", and the evening star "Shalem", born from Asherah in her womb aspect as Helel "the Pit".The acclaimed Cross at a 90 right angle has been one of the most ancient and exalted human ideograms of the Sun throughout the world and has been celebrated as a symbol of life not only to Christians, but also to the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Greeks, the Amerindians and to the Egyptians dating well back as far as the To most of these early cultures, it's sited through what came to be regarded as the widespread observance of the "Crossing" and resurrection of the Sun at the Vernal Equinox (Easter) using the four seasons.To the Christian father Irenaeus, who in the 2nd century determined the Four Gospels, also echoed this same pattern, declaring that, , which also included works from Sextus the Pythagorean, parts of Plato's Republic on the Just-Man crucified, and extracts from the zodiacal Hermetica.

Historians such as Diodorus Siculus noted that she even held greater power than the King in Egypt.The most earliest Christian Cross depiction conjointly appeared to be related from possible satirical Dionysian representations, such as this very early piece of graffiti carved behind a pillar in Rome during the 2nd century."It is certain, that, however much the male element had proclaimed itself ...To many early cultures prior to this climax however, her reverence outside of the supernatural domain initially stemmed far back into prehistory through the astronomical and cyclic thanksgivings of all organic lifeforms on Earth, and thus became agronomically regarded as very towering figure in antiquity.Much like today, this methodology of the Heavens derived itself downwards from the exploration for the source of life, and revolved purely around the glorification of birth, death and rebirth, or as seen divergent to the preternatural, or unnatural realm of literal necromantic revival of the flesh."our current organized system is reproduced from Mother Nature, with the observation of these great astronomical regulations giving man not only the model for the introduction of order into his own life, but the very first clues about how to do it."Multitudes of people in antiquity regarded her as the Queen of Heaven, alongside that of a Mother Earth incorporating all the physical elements from which everything was produced.In Rome, writers such as Apuleius adjudged her simply as the Mother of the Gods.by the days of the Minoan civilization (30001100 BC), the religion still continued to manifest the matriarchal period of social progress.Clearly the Goddess was supreme.." The collapse of the fertility goddess concluded roughly after the fall of the Roman Empire via the succession of Judeo-Christianity in the fourth century AD, of which reform then included the systematization for the ransacking and closure of all temples throughout Europe and the Middle East on an unprecedented scale.Coincidentally, some of the most oldest fragments of the alphabet in existence of Hebrew (proto-Sinaitic) are that of those discovered only at the temple of the Egyptian cow goddess Isis-Hathor at Serabit el-Khadim in 1905. May you, the shepherd, born for justice, trust in my holy words! Just one of the many clear messages enduring the ages that confirm human celestial mathematical knowledge of the nexus between the Moon's egg shaped orbit, and the 28/29.5 day gestation reproductive cycle.Resting on the walls of her sanctum, intercessions were carved beseeching her as the Serpent Lady. Here, the pregnant figurine is shown embracing her womb while holding the cornucopia, or crescent horn marked with 13 incisions, symbolizing the number of 13 Moons, or 13 degrees a day in a calendar year.


  1. I'm just curious how if it is well known that the stories in the Bible have been retold in religions thousands. from religions predating Christianity by.

  2. Its religions predating christianity liberating, fluid and poetic, even to a foreign ear. Draupadi, as understood by you to have prostituted to five husbands at once.

  3. Was Christianity copied from several mythologies that predate it by. Lots of copying and "coincidental" dates has occurred with Christianity as with other religions.

  4. The Truth About “Jesus Christ. STOLEN AND CORRUPTED FROM PAGAN RELIGIONS PREDATING CHRISTIANITY. The birth of the Nazarene is said to have been in a cave.

  5. May 24, 2010 African Religion Predates Hinduism. The predating arguement is. Even I will also believe that african religions and hinduism are.

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