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Advanced zero feedback class A circuitry and cutting edge output transformer design make Ayon triode amplifiers recreate music with irresistible magic and authenticity.Ayon's Unique Audio-Bias feature: An area that offers a good indication of Ayons unique design integrity and philosophy is the way they offer Auto-Bias on their main power tubes.Ayon products reward music lovers with an authentic and excitingly realistic reproduction of music as a real live event.All these activities are guided by a singular idea: the perfect reproduction of recorded music.Ayon Audio has over the last 15 years become one of the best known high end tube amplifier manufacturers in Europe.In particular, they have become known as one of the premier manufacturers of single ended amplifiers (SETs), preamplifiers."An encounter, at the Munich High End Show, was when I realised that Ayon was a serious contender for making the best SET amps in the world.

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Their sound staging and ambient retrieval equals the finesse of the legendary low power triode designs while leaving behind their disadvantages of high distortion, coloration and limited dynamic reserves.Driving the White Light were all Ayon components including the vacuum-tube CD-35 SACD streamer, S10 vacuum-tube streamer, Spheris tube preamplifier, and Orthos II Gen 4 mono amps Ayon's state-of-the art triode vacuum tube amplifiers provide music lovers worldwide with an authentic listening experience in their home environments.They offer abundant power resources unavailable from conventional designs while fully maintaining and expanding the traditional qualities of the single ended topology.The system included the Ayon Spheris III preamplifier or alternately, The system included the S-10 Network Streamer / Preamp, a pair of Ayon Orthos XS Gen 4 mono amps which drove the new Lumenwhite White Light 25 Gen 4 Anniversary speakers in one of the show’s best-sounding rooms.Most Surprising was the stunning Lumenwhite “White Light Anniversary (US,000).The 2017 Los Angeles Audio Show - The Absolute Sound - BEST SOUND (The AYON new Lumen White 25 Generation 4 speakers driven by Ayon electronics was spectacularly great, with wall-to-wall soundstaging.Close your eyes and you’d never know that you were in a hotel room.These are the people for whom we create our amplifiers, CD players and loudspeakers, thriving for the most natural reproduction of the original music path, bringing You closer to the heart of the music.Ayon Audio of Austria, grants audiophiles around the globe, balance, clarity, perspective, dynamics, bloom, decay..... Ayon Audio offers a complete line of high performance audio components.Our engineers are established leaders in their respective fields of high-end audio expertise.Our range of activities covers the development of high performance vacuum triode power tubes, the design of sonically outstanding tube preamps, triode tube power amplifiers, CD-Players with vacuum tube output stage and advanced technology speaker systems.


  1. My vintage Hifi system. It is great to think that something dating back to 1957 can still be serviced. The Revox A77 were made in large numbers and it.

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