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King, who has long used the social media platform to air his grievances with the Trump administration, revealed he'd been blocked with a post on June 13 that read, "Trump has blocked me from reading his tweets.I may have to kill myself." And just as Nanjiani promised to fill Barinholtz in on the tweets he was missing, "Harry Potter" author J. Rowling vowed the same, telling King, "I still have access.Rob Schneider wants to make one thing clear about Harvey Weinstein -- the mogul is no lone wolf, and Rob knows it because he too was sexually harassed by a director.While Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd and Rose Mc Gowan have all blasted Weinstein for his behavior -- Rob told us this kind of harassment and abuse also happens to men.He recalled a famous "gross director" making a semi-nude pass at him.Rob says the director is now dead, but the incident has clearly stuck with him.

," then later posted a second screenshot, this time of a zoomed-in photo of an ad for Schneider's Netflix comedy "Real Rob," a scripted show that stars his real-life wife and daughter.

When asked what it was all about, Rogen replied saying he had "no idea" what he had done to cause Schneider to block him.

After a little more digging, we completely understand his confusion as the actors have never worked together or fallen out publicly.

Eventually, Schneider himself piped up, possibly forgetting he had blocked Rogen as he penned a note to the "Pineapple Express" actor.

The short message promised Rogen that his access to Schneider's Twitter account would be restored if Rogen would be willing to stage an introduction to his frequent comedy co-star James Franco.


  1. Jun 19, 2017. The whirlwind Seth Rogen and Rob Schneider Twitter feud is over almost as quickly as it started — and it's all thanks to James Franco.

  2. Apr 1, 2017. Rivera, 30, and Spade, 52, were photographed getting cozy in a pool at the Halekulani Hotel pool in Waikiki, Hawaii, Entertainment Tonight reported — while Spade and comedian pals Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider were in town for a stop on their Here Comes the Funny Tour on Friday. A source told.

  3. Box Office Averages Buy History. 8. Headline Shows. 8. Boxoffice Reports. XX,XXX. Avg. Tickets Sold. $XXX,XXX. Avg. Gross. Buy History. Averages are based on Boxoffice reports for the past 36 months. Upcoming Dates. Past Dates. Contact. Sat 03/03/2018. Rob Schneider. Sellersville Theater.

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