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Robin thicke black women dating white men conversation starter for online dating

Their primary concern is making sure Black women know that we're flawed while promoting the idea that Black men walk on water. And aren't Black women taking care of their men already? You're novel, but you ain't all that great a singer.

Their editorial dictate ever since Susan Taylor left has been "Black women are going to die old and alone to be eaten alive by nine cats because y'all are too picky and eeevil! Stick to sangin' in falsetto doing impressions of more talented singers. If you're a young Black girl growing up in America, you will be bombarded at a very young age with a sick message that you're not enough.

You don't have to choose between dignity, self respect, and love and companionship. I remember being told that some black guys think that we are not "adventurous".

We are not freaky enough in bed or we do not like certain types of music. I have attended New york comic con and rock concerts and seen black guys pass over girls like me to talk to women of other races.

" Every month, they feature Black bachelors that are just waiting to marry we Black she Devils if only we would repent from out wicked wicked waaaaaays! Paula Patton), In a recent interview with MESSENCE magazine, you reportedly implied that Black men walked on water and while Black women needed to make some changes in order to catch-a-man before we die old-and-alone-to-be-eaten-alive-by-nine-cats. Many of these messages will come from other Black people.

If only we would lower ourselves to go trolling for men in strip clubs, and prisons and the county clinic (afterall, what a few STIs between friends? In particular, you said "Maybe the women have to take better care of their men. Unfortunately they will come from other Black women like those at ESSENCE. EVAH gon' put you on the cover of ESSENCE magazine.

This gives me a new found understanding, of what they really think of the audience they're trying to appeal to.

Actually what it shows is white men are no different than black men.

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We love our black brothers but they choose women who look nothing like us on purpose. My sister showed me this blog and I was shocked at the negative comments regarding him. Aww you black men hating trolls are upset because you thought "massa" aka the white man was coming to aid you ghetto damsel's in distress and he pulled a 180 on you lololol!!

Coming from an admitted drug user, I can't take anything he says seriously.

He's friends with Lil' Wayne, so you know he's got to share some of the same views as he does.

So while I don't think black women have to limit themselves to dating and marrying black men, I also don't think we should fool ourselves into thinking that just because a man is white or any other color you stand a better chance of finding a worthwhile mate. There are excellent black men and doggish white men (John Edwards, Newt Gingrich and that fool that was married to Saundra Bulock-sorry bad with spelling). Remember that Robin Thicke has been with the same black woman since he was 16 years old.

It actually shocks and angers me more when a black man says this stuff about us. I wonder what he would have said had the question been about the stats of BM. I don't think it's them Tisha, I think it's you girls. v=q WTXh HABj_AWhat the heck is with the BG's?! Maybe he knows what he is talking about, and he means women in general not just black women, regardless of the question.


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