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Robinson redating the new testament

Later, the book of Acts describes how the apostles gave themselves to “the ministry of the Word” (Acts 6:4)—that is, they began to write and compile the teachings of Jesus within the first year after His crucifixion in 30 AD.

Furthermore, because of the thousands of new believers (Acts 2-5), it was necessary for the apostles to write down Jesus’ words of the New Covenant before the Passover of 31 AD (Matt. Otherwise, the thousands of new believers would not be able to properly observe their first New Covenant Passover.

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Thus, James wrote very early, before Gentiles began to be called into the Church.Third, when God later began to call the Gentiles, there was an influx of Gentiles into the churches, as in the case of the Church at Antioch, which was mostly Gentile.However, James makes no mention of any Gentiles in his Epistle.The opinions and hypotheses of scholars vary widely.On the one hand, some view the New Testament as a collection of fables and myths verbally passed on by storytellers for generations before any written documents were made. Robinson demonstrates that the books of the New Testament were written relatively early.Indeed, there appears to be a total of 67 direct or indirect references to Jesus’ teachings as recorded by Matthew in his Gospel that are incorporated by James into his Epistle.This indicates that James (and undoubtedly all the apostles) used and studied Matthew for a prolonged period of time before James wrote his epistle in 40-41 AD.First, James addressed his Epistle to “the twelve tribes, which are in the dispersion” (1:1).This means that his Epistle was sent to the Jewish communities scattered in all the countries around the Mediterranean Sea, as well as to Babylon—and then to the ten tribes of Israel scattered in Persia, Media, Parthia, Scythia and Europe.However, there is no direct indication as to when he finished it or when it was in general use.Robinson concurs: “Matthew could therefore in a real sense turn out to be both the earliest and [because of later edits] the latest of the synoptists” (Ibid., p. An attempt to determine when the writing of the Gospel of Matthew began and ended logically should begin with an examination of when the Epistle of James was written, because the apostle James’ Epistle was the first New Testament Epistle completed, and it is saturated with Jesus’ teachings as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew.


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