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It is often said that Romanian is not a practical language to learn, due largely to its relatively small number of speakers.

Furthermore, many who are unfamiliar with the language assume that it must be Slavic in nature—a dialect of Russian, perhaps.

It has the distinction of being the only Romance language still spoken in eastern Europe, with official status in Romania, Moldova, and parts of Serbia and Greece; it is also recognised in Hungary as a minority language and spoken in Ukraine, Albania, and Macedonia.

Despite its approximately 24 million speakers (according to Ethnologue), however, Romanian is very often left out of Romance language degree programmes entirely—eclipsed by its more well-known counterparts of French and Spanish in particular.

There are many reasons, thus, to focus on learning Romanian; and perhaps in the future this beautiful and often misunderstood language will stand more prominently among its more commonly-spoken counterparts.In addition, several Romanian films have achieved critical acclaim in recent years, receiving high ratings and winning awards at the Cannes Film Festival.For example, “”, is actually a song sung in Romanian by the Moldovan band, O-Zone.Romanian has also maintained use of a third gender—neuter—for its nouns, as in Latin, but this is no longer the case in any of Romanian’s modern relatives—all of which have only the masculine and feminine genders for nouns.Despite its many unique aspects, Romanian is still a Romance language at its core.It is so different from the other members of its Romance language family to such an extent that Friedrich Diez (the first Romance philologist) declared in 1836 that it was “only a semi-Romance language”.And while that statement is considered by most modern linguists to be untrue, the reasoning behind it makes perfect sense: Romanian has many unique qualities that can indeed cause it to appear unlike any other Latin-derived language.In a grammatical case system, endings or forms of words are changed in order to reflect their role in a sentence as a subject, direct object, indirect object, etc.In the Latin sentence, “,” meaning, ‘The boy loves the girl,’ however, the roles are reversed and the meaning is changed completely.These hot single ladies are seeking long-term, serious relationships. Every day hundreds of new members sign up, adding to thousands of verified profiles in Elena's Models database. in the language itself) is a Latin-derived language related closely to languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese.


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