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Romantic ideas for long distance dating

Photobooks today are sleeker than the photo albums of your childhood and easier to create. They can read it and include some journal entries of their own. Have it engraved with her initials to let her know that she’s always on your mind. Care package Compile all of his or her favorite things or things they need such as snacks, t-shirts and supplies.

Throw in some pictures of you two to make it extra special. Selfie stick A selfie stick is the perfect way to send silly pictures to each other from wherever you are. Boyfriend/girlfriend body pillow Send a big body pillow and make it extra funny by adding a photo of you sleeping. Love coupons Give your love something to look forward to with love coupons that can be redeemed when you’re together.

If you want to send them an extra special surprise, ship flowers or a gift basket to their work or a location they frequent. Wine gift basket Make the gift basket extra romantic by including a date and time to video chat and have a glass of wine together. Balloons If your significant other likes public gestures (or you want to embarrass them a little) send balloons to their office telling them how much you love them. i Pad stand Perfect for lazy nights spent laying in bed and video chatting. Charging station This will help them keep all their devices charged so that they’re only ever a phone call away. Artwork for their home What’s better than a picture of the two of you together or a piece of art that represents your journey together? Of course, you know your partner best and have the keenest insight on what kinds of gifts they will treasure.

They’ll never expect it and you’ll win extra points! Bouquet of roses Pick the color based on the message you want to send them. The most important thing when choosing a gift is to keep the recipient in mind and to give from the heart.

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Let their brightest side shine with a webcam light that creates the perfect lighting anywhere. Portable charger If you’re in different time zones, you don’t want to miss out on a rare opportunity to talk just because there’s no battery left in their phone.We may not have the luxury of eating ‘together’ but this is exactly how your partner should feel before they take their first bite.For this to work it’s best to announce your date night intentions ahead of time so your partner can have all the right ingredients ready.Plus you are also making sure your honey eats healthy!Here are even more gift ideas that your significant other is sure to love. Personalized jewelry Give them a personalized piece of jewelry that they can wear everyday and read a special message meant just for them. Photo throw pillow So your face is the last thing they see when they go to bed. Silver fortune cookie with personalized message Whenever they pick up their keys, they’ll always know you’re rooting for them! Roll-up keyboard An easy to transport keyboard is great to bring along when they’re traveling to see you. Fun socks Get them fun printed socks of something you both love. Scented soap You can even create soap with a custom sent to tailor it to their favorite smell.This Do your texts and emails add up to a love story worthy of a novel?Turn your conversations into one, and mail him or her a personalized book that they can keep forever (long after they upgrade to a new phone and lose those precious memories). Map wall art Highlight the location where your partner wishes they could be, with a heart-shaped definition of love map wall art that will remind them of you every day. The key to your heart This vintage lock paperweight is inspired by the “love locks” placed on the gates of Pont Des Artes in Paris.You can recreate this romantic gesture by gifting your guy or gal with the key to your heart. Inspirational print Things can get a little sad when you are in a long distance relationship. Custom photo blanket Compile all your favorite pictures together and keep your sweetie warm. Engraved promise ring Engrave your special date, quote or initials. USB mixtape full of “your” songs Grab all those songs that bring you both beautiful memories or sync up your online playlists 26.Send a motivational quote to remind them that things are still going strong no matter the distance. Photobook You don’t need to be crafty with scissors and stickers to create a beautiful scrapbook full of your treasured memories together and favorite photos. Joint journal Keep a journal/scrapbook and send it to your honey. Charm bracelet Jewelry is a gift that is appreciated near or far, and a monogram charm bracelet is a timeless classic.You can customize the location and geographic coordinates in latitude and longitude.It is a lasting memento of how far you are willing to go to make your relationship work. Webcam light In a long distance relationship, there’s no doubt you’re sending each other videos and chatting online.


  1. The emotional effort and strength involved in keeping a long distance relationship going is something that is truly understood and appreciated only by people who have been. There are some brilliant things you can do to keep romance in the air, even if the air is on different continents. Ever thought about a virtual date?

  2. Mar 2, 2016. Long distance relationships are notorious for being difficult. After all, loving someone who's hundreds, even thousands of miles away can be complicated, both emotionally and physically. But it doesn't have to be! After all, as the saying goes, distance is to love as wind is to fire—extinguishes the weak and.

  3. Jan 23, 2014. as well as a few fun ones to bring some joy to someone far away. So without further ado, here's our list of over 100 Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas for 2017. They're perfect for anyone! Young or old, romantic or sensible -even you pranksters out there can find the perfect gift for the person you love!

  4. Aug 8, 2017. It's the thought that counts, so any long distance relationship gift you send is sure to bring a smile to your beloved's face. However, if you're finding it hard to. Make the gift basket extra romantic by including a date and time to video chat and have a glass of wine together. 41. Balloons. If your significant.

  5. Great Ideas For An Awesome Skype Date. Skype date. How have your Skype sessions been lately? Does it feel like you're always doing or talking about the same things with. Check out Livius' article on long distance sex, he goes through some great points on creating a romantic experience for you and your partner.

  6. Here are a few romantic ideas on keeping the spark alive and burning in a long distance relationship. Go back in. Since you are unable to go for a movie date together, decide to rent a favourite romantic movie on the same day and try to watch it around the same time, even though you are in different locations. This will.

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