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Ron and nicole were dating

And reality TV star Kim Kardashian's father is to blame for a lack of justice for the two victims, according to Goldman's father.Fred Goldman, 73, tells The Daily Mail that he believes Robert Kardashian hid evidence that would've convicted Simpson of murder.But Simpson, now 66, has been in a Nevada prison for the past five years after a 2008 conviction in a completely different case, 13 years to the day after his murder acquittal.He was sentenced to serve nine to 33 years for kidnapping and armed robbery involving the holdup of two sports memorabilia dealers at a Las Vegas hotel room.Kardashian, one of Simpson's lawyers, allegedly took material from the former Buffalo Bills star's home in a suitcase and never revealed what it was or where he put it before his death in 2003."That evidence would have convicted 'the killer,'" Goldman told the British publication, refusing to identify OJ by name."But in this country celebrities, no matter what their race, are treated differently." According to the New York Daily News, Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown were stabbed to death at a Brentwood, Calif., condo where her and OJ's two children slept upstairs.Police charged Simpson after finding two-blood soaked leather gloves and a trail of bloody shoeprints.

As a result, friends, relatives and legal experts are looking back at the case that Simpson was acquitted of during the "Trial of the Century" in 1995.

As detailed in Tuesday night’s episode of The People v. There are contradictions throughout, such as when Resnick chastises the media’s slut-shaming of Nicole while breathlessly relaying her friend’s sexual proclivities.

It’s a difficult book to read, even after over 20 years have passed, because as gossipy and unseemly as it appears, there is the sense that there’s some truth to it.

She co-wrote the book with National Enquirer gossip writer Mike Walker, and it’s both tawdry and tragic in its timing and content. So just how salacious was Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted?

Every time I read the book I almost cry, because I sound like a major airhead.” In a way though, Resnick was simply ahead of the game: She received a ,000 advance for the book, which was the first of many published about the murders and trial of the century. Simpson: American Crime Story, the book ultimately made Resnick (played by Connie Britton) persona non grata for the trial, forcing Judge Lance Ito to halt jury selection to read the book and weigh its possible impact, and ultimately forcing the prosecution not to call Resnick to the witness stand — even though she could have testified to how O. The book narrowly focuses on the four years when Resnick knew Brown and zeroes in on Nicole’s sex life and Simpson’s temper and abusive behavior.


  1. Oct 25, 1996. Plenty of time to commit murders; Ford Bronco "sped away fast; Witness Goldman not on a date with Nicole; Related stories and sites. and a plantiff's witness said he saw a Jeep-like vehicle speeding away from the scene shortly after Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman were killed.

  2. Apr 4, 2016. After going through the back gate he knew to be broken, OJ saw there were candles burning in Nicole's house and she had music playing. He realized she was expecting a date. * At this point, OJ says he was surprised by Ron Goldman's sudden appearance through the back gate. Ron told him he was.

  3. Jun 10, 2014. According to the New York Daily News, Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown were stabbed to death at a Brentwood, Calif. condo where her and OJ's two children slept upstairs. Police charged Simpson after finding two-blood soaked leather gloves and a trail of bloody shoeprints. Tanya Brown told NBC News.

  4. Feb 23, 2016. Less than four months after the grisly murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, one of Nicole's friends, Faye Resnick, wrote a book brazenly titled Nicole Brown Simpson The Private Diary of a Life. Just to be clear though, Resnick writes, “Neither Nicole nor I were or ever could be gay.

  5. Nicole Brown Simpson, famous football player O. J. Simpson's ex-wife, and her friend Ron Goldman are brutally stabbed to death outside Nicole's home in Brentwood. The evidence against Simpson was extensive His blood was found at the murder scene; blood, hair, and fibers from Brown and Goldman were found in.

  6. Jun 11, 2014. It was a typical Sunday - all except for the crime of the century.

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