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As the game was nearing its end, Genie shared a bit of wisdom learned from the Twitter exchange.

The fan of Bouchard, 22, who appears to be a big fan of Tiger Woods with his profile picture dedicated to the golfer, wrote to Bouchard after she tweeted, "I knew Atlanta would win".

Chu kakka yanawa passe payak danagassala thiyenawa.

Ape cls teacher harima dawasak sachini kiyala girl kenekta nagitala issarahata enna baye ruler eka aran sachinige passa paththata hodatama gahuwa.sachini ka gahuwa.thowa mama ada hama gahanawa kiyala thawa gahuwa.gahala ruler mesen thiyala athin sachinige passa paththata gahuwa.sachini kakka barai gahanna epa miss eth nawaththuwe na sachinita kakka giya.missge munei athey thanei kakka gawuna.passa paththa hodanne nathuwa cls eke inna kiwa.

Without realizing the gravity I nodded in agreement.

Sri Lankan, Hollywood, Bollywood, Indian, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and many more.

It became a yet another painful ritual to get over.


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