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Rules for dating an iranian women

Your wife will have no problem going back to Iran to visit - she will have to use her Iranian passport because she is considered an Iranian Citizen when in Iran.

You on the other hand, could probably get a visa with your American passport to travel to Iran - BUT if you like to travel with you wife and husband and wife, then you will need to go thru the Muslim wedding ceremony (which basically you accept to convert to Islam and to marry your wife according to Islamic rules). In Iran, you will not be able to stay with her in the same hotel room unless you provide marriage documents.

Several years ago, you couldn't even travel with her unless married but no a days I hear its not that bad.

I will forward your email to "Shohar Khaleh's" mailing list in case anyone else has additional/more recent info. Hansen Years Married = 6 Number of Children = 1 Country & City = denmark, Risskov Hello.

We are fortunate in preserving some Iranian environment at home, thanks to the presence of my mother-in-law, which also helps immensely in keeping the kids up to snuff in Farsi (along with their Mother's lessons).

We hope to spend at least a summer with family in Iran, perhaps as much as a year.

Cooperation between Iran and America continued for decades afterward, until the Shah was deposed in 1979 and replaced with Ayatollah Khomeini, who branded the US 'Great Satan'.

Name = Stan Years Married = 1 Number of Children = 0 Category of Submission = Travel Well that was interesting reading!

There is much to see and experience in that magnificent and beautiful country.

- Bill I have been married to my Iranian wife for 3 years and I have travelled to Iran three times and in September I will go there for my fourth time (6 weeks, and it won't be the last time, ensha'allah).

Sort of like the old cartoon of the Tasmanian devil with "Bugs Bunny". Hello Stan, You are correct, all other countries accept you & your wife as a married couple, except Iran.

Because she is an Iranian and considered an Iranian citizen in Iran, rules are different.


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