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They think that they can't look forward to their child's marriage and grandchildren, and they are very concerned about that.

How to deal with parents who don't understand or aren't willing to see the signs of same-sex attraction is a most difficult question to answer, because it's very hard to know what to do.

Although most cases of same-sex attractions begin in childhood, the teen-age period becomes critical -- either the teen is drawn toward acting out homosexually, or the teen gets help and learns to live a chaste lifestyle.

The teen may also be able to gradually work toward overcoming or at least minimizing homosexual attractions with the help of a good therapist and spiritual director.

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Parents who have gotten beyond the propaganda that a homosexual lifestyle is normal and acceptable think about how difficult it will be for themselves and their child.The more we study, the more we see the influence at home is early, in grade school, and even earlier.But it's important to remember that teen-agers who think they have same-sex attractions aren't set for life. When teens say they feel uncomfortable around peers of the same sex and are attracted to them, often they've also had difficulty relating to and identifying emotionally and psychologically with their same-sex parent -- it's just that the realization of this strained relationship doesn't happen until much later.He shared how parents can educate themselves about same-sex attractions and how they can teach their children about healthy human sexuality. Is there a difference between children in these situations and youth who choose to experiment with homosexuality because of social influences?Father Harvey: There's a significant difference between a child with same-sex attractions due to family environments rather than due to experimentation.The difference is the youth choosing to experiment is comparatively rare, even though it seems to become "cool" at a high school and college level.Generally speaking, there's a high probability that those who are experimenting already had same-sex attractions and are expressing them in the college period.If the individual already has some degree of same-sex attractions, he may slip into homosexual acts and thus be seduced into a homosexual way of living.A healthy home environment presupposes that the children are learning to relate well to both parents. Social influences and difficulties can occur if a teen goes out with companions that don't agree with the teen's parents and don't have Christian values.Father John Harvey Distinguishes the Difference NEW YORK, JAN.24, 2004 (Zenit) - Most children who experiment with same-sex attractions as young adults are already predisposed to homosexual behavior because of their home environment, says a pastoral specialist. Francis de Sales, is founder of Courage, a Catholic apostolate for adults with same-sex attractions, and is co-editor of "Same-Sex Attraction: A Parent's Guide" (Ignatius). Q: You've mentioned that familial or parental situations may contribute to same-sex attractions.


  1. Apr 17, 2017. If these two provisions pass, Cowley said they would be a huge win for victims and survivors of domestic abuse and violence in same-sex and dating relationships. Under domestic abuse laws, there are accommodations for victims to get protective orders and to hold offenders accountable for abuses like.

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