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Screen updating off

Remember to set the Screen Updating property back to True when your macro ends.

This example demonstrates how turning off screen updating can make your code run faster.

A form's Resize event as well as firing when a user resizes a form, also fires when a form is loaded.

I read somewhere on google that screen updating defaults to true after a macro runs anyway, so I guess I didn't have to be turning it back on all the time.

If anyone else was trying to figure this out, thanks for your time.

Regards, jon [font=Verdana][size=2]You should not have to do all that.

What method (action) are you using to execute your queries in the macro?


  1. In VBA for Excel the screen updating and autocalc can be turned off while a procedure is runing so that there won't be delays on the screen. Is there something is VS.

  2. I have a macro that runs for about a minute and loads/processes a lot of data. Naturally I've turned off screen updating so that it runs faster and doesn't jump.

  3. Hi, I've been using this code for awhile and it hasn't been giving me any trouble until recently. Now the screen updating won't turn off like it did before. I've.

  4. Join Curt Frye for an in-depth discussion in this video, Turning off screen updating within a macro, part of Learning VBA in Excel.

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