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"It was good for me to hear from him personally," said Goodell.

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Goodell had a face-to-face meeting with Smith on Friday.The NFL was expected to make a ruling on Smith's reinstatement last week but obviously that didn't happen.After finally getting a face-to-face with Goodell, Smith's status should be determined in relatively short order.Smith spent four months in a rehab facility in Colorado after a video of him smoking an unknown substance went viral over the summer.Smith has been posting on social media about his "comeback," but just because he's eligible for reinstatement doesn't mean he will be reinstated.Del Rio doesn't sound like someone who is expecting his pass rusher back any time soon.Smith's one-year suspension for violating the substance-abuse policy ends November 17, but his reinstatement is not a slam dunk after a video which may have shown him smoking an unknown substance surfaced over the summer.He'd be a major weapon for the Raiders down the stretch.Under the collecting bargaining agreement, commissioner Roger Goodell has a 60-day window to decide on reinstatement. Per ESPN's Adam Schefter, there is "guarded optimism" within the Raiders' organization that Smith will be reinstated.Smith is expected to meet with Goodell at some point."Whatever he does to ensure his health, we’re going to stand by him," said Mc Kenzie.


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