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Seeking older men dating

“Andrea”, a 20-year-old Queens College student, doesn’t want to use her name becuase she keeps her sugar-baby status a secret from her friends and family.

In the past five months she’s had four short flings with different older men who line her pockets and take her out for fancy dinners. Honestly, we only spend time having sex for an hour, less than that; the rest of the night we’re out for dinner or for a show.” “Andrea” says she’s always had a thing for older guys, she even dated a 45-year-old when she was 19.

She doesn’t know exactly how much he paid: the bills for lawyers, photo studio equipment and more went directly to him.

During the week she would accompany him to top New York restaurants like Per Se and Daniel and on the weekends he would whisk her away to the Hamptons. He was good-looking.” Mirsaidi, who didn’t want to give her age, says there are some downsides to dating a much, much older man.

Phillips also said she turned to the sugar daddy lifestyle to cover tuition costs at FIT, not that international trips and five-star hotels hurt. “The number of jobs available is declining, college tuition is increasing by the year, and people are looking for other options, other ways to pay for college.” Besides, she has her mother’s blessing.

“My mom used to date older guys when she was my age, and so did my grandma,” says Phillips, claiming the age difference isn’t an issue in her Ghanaian culture.

“You don’t know what’s gonna happen or what kind of person they will turn out to be,” she says, “so we usually meet in a public place.

If I don’t feel right or comfortable at all, I just won’t go through with it.” All three women are turned off by men their own age.

“Most of these guys just want to meet and have a drink,” Andrea says.I think he just doesn’t want to stick with just one person.” She’s had to suspend her education since her funds dried up.“He told me to stop working, and to continue studying and taking care of my new business, so now I lost my job,” she says. “I’m hoping I meet someone else who can take care of me,” she says.Mirsaidi remembers one date who ditched her with the bill.“He ordered a lot of drinks, a lot of appetizers — and he left me with a big 0 check! Andrea admits she gets scared meeting strangers for the first time.“Usually we talk on the phone and text, and then we having a meeting first where we don’t do anything, and then we meet again. You transition into it.” While she has developed feelings for some of her mature paramours, it’s never blossomed into love.“I have been in love before, earlier in college,” she says, “but now I’m just not at a time in my life where I want to settle down.” And while she says her mother would give her money for school in a heartbeat, Andrea doesn’t want to put that burden on her.According to the site, 285 New York University students and 100 Columbia University ivy leaguers joined last year.While the sugar daddy dating service insists the girls are not obligated to get busy with their benefactors, three Big Apple sugar babies confess that sex is often part of the package, but insist it’s on their own terms.Full-length mink coats, a new Mercedes with a monthly parking spot and ,000 to furnish a new rent-free Fi Di duplex (,500 a month if you’re paying) are just the beginning.They fly by private jet to Europe and spend their days in the salon getting their hair and nails done.


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