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So I'm asking you, Sam, to please explain to me the logic behind turning people who, may not be in danger, but are in some kind of disstress, feel loanly, and upset, away?

An explanation to this would be much appreciated, and I look forward to hearing back from you. Hi S, First let me say how pleased I am that you decided to write this letter.

Child Line would love to be able to speak to every single young person who needs some support during the night, but unfortunately, there just aren’t enough counsellors around then for that to be possible.

I’m not sure if you know, but most of the counsellors are volunteers, so even though they might want to come in at night, they can’t, because they’ve got to be able to go to work in the daytime.

Sometimes small things can really help, like using the Balloon game, drawing a picture of how you feel, or writing all your thoughts in a list and shutting them in a box, so that you can take those thoughts out again and talk about them in the morning.

You could use your list as notes for calling or chatting with Child Line the next day, or you could send everything as an email to Child Line.

The Childline counsellors need to make sure that anyone who might be at risk at night can get help quickly (For example, if someone has been kicked out of home, or is feeling really suicidal).

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It might be useful to think of some ways that you can safely let your feelings out at night time, if you can’t talk to anyone else.

Late at night is often one of the busiest times for the counsellors because, as you’ve found yourself, that might be the only time in the day when young people get a bit of privacy to call or chat.

It’s also a time when young people can find themselves in more dangerous situations.

The last thing Child Line wants to do is leave young people feeling like they are being ignored or abandoned.

I can hear how hard it is not being able to talk at night, when you’re feeling upset and lonely.


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  5. Aug 16, 2012. The point I'm getting at is, I love childline! and I don't feel it right for them to turn people away on the 11 chat at night. I know they have less staff, but less people would come through to talk? So I'm asking you, Sam, to please explain to me the logic behind turning people who, may not be in danger, but are in.

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