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This is true especially of younger couples who are struggling to make ends meet.

Since you’re spending the majority of your time at each other’s place anyway, it seems like a colossal waste to shell out two separate rents when you can easily solve the problem with a collective living space.

“While this trend is everywhere, it’s happening in New York City more than anywhere else in the country because people live together here before marriage probably more so than anywhere else.

If it’s not for a romantic decision, it will be for a financial one.

We think of marriage as something that would get in the way of our careers, or our fun single lives (there’s always someone even MORE spectacular just a swipe away!

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“Couples [nationwide] are waiting a little bit later in life to make this huge decision,” says Kristen Maxwell Cooper, executive editor at The Knot.

People get married later because they are living together earlier,” says Maxwell Cooper.

This hits on a key distinction between New York City couples and those elsewhere -- whether New York couples are headed for marriage or not, a higher percentage of them end up living together early on because it makes so much financial sense.

Still, the US Census reported that in 2014, the average age of brides was 31, and 33 for grooms. A big factor of this can be attributed to couples living together before they get married.

“Couples will move in together and get to a level of seriousness and comfort.


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