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So they were the victims of injustice and only the government kept them safe.

You’d find that redheads under that regime were some of the most in American terms “progressive” people around, always ready to throw in with the government against the individual and always ready to attribute anything bad in their lives to “oppression.” They would be an interest class, interested in redistribution (surely there’s still some discrimination going on where the government can’t see, and they don’t have everything that’s due them) and strict enforcement of the preferential rules applying to them.

Other women are EVEN LESS stereotypical female and can reason visually in three dimension, can find their way blindfolded through the Minotaur’s labyrinth, and plot from “what happens” out.

The fact that statistically those are male characteristics doesn’t mean no woman can do it, and the fact that statistically most women can’t find their way out of a wet paperbag, can’t do visual stuff in their heads, and have novels full of long meaningful conversations signifying nothing doesn’t invalidate the exceptions.

Guys engaging in the lean-against-the-wall-and-call-out-to-girls Portuguese male national past time would yell out “Oh Ruiva” to me, and ruiva in Portuguese means redhead — in Spanish the equivalent means blond.) There were euphemisms for the hair color: ginger, foxy, strawberry blond.

But all those eventually became tainted because of what they referred to.

Let’s suppose that when our government started to expand into social engineering, they decided redheads were traditionally discriminated against, and thus must be protected against discrimination.

There would be mandatory (proportional to population) numbers of redheads hired.

(The little girl is also obsessed with pink, which is funny. As Pratchett put it, if built by a little girl, it will be pink.We’ve done that before, and we recovered, and unless I’m very wrong, the declining started 100 years ago and we’re now on the great rebuilding, the great re-learning.Yeah, sure, it’s just the first stirrings, and you and I won’t see the West fully resurgent again, but our grandkids have a good chance to. He’s a good sport about it.) In the same way he’s a creature of his place.Now, little redheads would, of course, know there was nothing wrong with them as humans.They’d look into themselves and know they were no better or worse than other people.I spent the week with two toddlers, one male, one female (practice grandchildren) who are being raised, for various reasons, in a VERY non-traditional situation.And yet you look at them, and yep, even if you put the boy in a dress, you’d know which one is the girl and which is the boy.There is no reason that women would be more averse to exploration, less interested in space, or more interested in using the government as a sort of super-daddy. So instead she dresses her hatred of animals (not socially acceptable) in a pious “We can do charity with that money.” (Much more socially acceptable.) Keep that in mind as we go forward.In fact, judging from ancestresses, in a country of immigrants, and from correspondence I got to see, I can tell you women were often the ones going “Let’s try x y or z country. Mom — who is the least distributionist of my parents, will use that “Why do x when we could use the money to do so much good” thing. I’m going to ask you to engage in a thought experiment.I mean, if everything were right with them, why would people need to be restrained, by law, from mistreating them?Obviously there’s something inherently annoying/hateful about them which caused all the historical discrimination and that discrimination is ONLY not happening today because the powerful government stands between them and their would-be abusers.


  1. Feb 9, 2018. Meanwhile, over at Google and Facebook, the latest editions of the employee handbook reveal that if a guy asks one of his female co-workers out on a date, she gives him an answer that's pretty much anything other than yes such as, “I'm busy that night”, and he asks her again later, then it's sexual.

  2. These variables were examined in light of gender and body size differences. Results indicated that women, especially those under or above average weight, were more dissatisfied with their appearance than were men, whereas men were more dissatisfied with their relationships and sex lives than were women. In addition.

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