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Friendly – folks were greeting each other, and the clerk of the church was moving around distributing baked goods – she runs a B&B in town and always brings tasty items to church on Sunday.At noon (about midway through the sermon) the chimes at the Congregational Church across the road began sounding.The sanctuary is of finished wood, with the wall broken by stained glass windows on the sides and rear.One interesting quirk of the shape of the building is that ushers on the congregation's left must pass through the mud room to get from the front of the sanctuary to the rear.

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8 – The pastor had a generally engaging speaking style.

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) originated in the Second Great Awakening (in the US, this was the early 19th century) as a response to denominational divides.

The Disciples are generally non-creedal; the only required belief is that of acceptance of Jesus Christ as savior, and obedience demonstrated through baptism.

(Again, he listed the points by number and letter.) I was originally thinking it would be the sharing of the peace – there was lots of running around and chatting, to the point that the pastor had loudly to clear his throat and ask everyone to be seated. In his description of the Holy Spirit, he consistently placed it as sort of a "gofer" for the Father and the Son.

In fact, one not familiar with Trinitarian theology would have come away thinking the Holy Spirit was not in fact God.


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