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"They lose weight and if one dies and you don't know when, you must throw it away, ruining your profit." Like me, Lee wrangles with a love for the taste of lobster and crab, and guilt about its welfare.He was joint star (with Fergus Henderson) of the recent excellent Channel 4 documentary Could You Eat An Elephant?Today Buckhaven has brought his machine – a sleek, stainless steel lidded box no bigger than a wine crate – to the Blueprint Café in London, to be tested by chef Jeremy Lee."You never want to hold live lobsters in the fridge," says Lee. Humans have done it since, well, the beginning of history.And pretty much ever since the first caveman realized he was too tired to grill a wooly mammoth after a long day of hunting, other cavemen were willing to do it for him.For ages, I have believed the myth that having no brain, they feel nothing.

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This is a great attraction for restaurants that lose money buying in live lobsters that die when in storage.For a price, of oldest bar in every state, we’ve once again culled restaurant associations, historical societies, tourism boards, and business licensing departments nationwide in search of the oldest  While the US doesn’t quite date back to the caveman, it’s still got plenty of old restaurants.And, much like we tracked down the oldest bar in every state, we’ve once again culled restaurant associations, historical societies, tourism boards, and business licensing departments nationwide in search of the oldest Though usually the definition of “Greek Cuisine” is something served up by a cook at the Sig Ep House in Tuscaloosa, the oldest restaurant in Alabama is this Bessemer Greek joint that’s been owned by the Koikos family since 1925 and serves up specialties like Greek-style tenderloin and snapper in the massive four-room space that started as a simple counter in 1907. Just thought you should know that selections from our Yeah Jam Fury OSTs have been made available on Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, and Apple Music! Also don’t forget you can still win 0 and more in our Stage Builder Contest if you enter by March 16th! We have a live web demo with a fully unlocked stage builder for the duration of the contest!Occasionally something happens that provokes a trial inside my head.that explored the feelings we have about eating various beasts. He presses a button, waits five seconds for a red "ready" light to flash, then opens the lid and lifts out the lobster. We know because the swimmer legs underneath are moving, showing he has lost all motor control." Jeremy Lee puts the lobster to use in one of his favourite recipes, halving then quickly roasting it with a splash of wine and sautéed garlic, fennel and shallot (see recipe, right)."I am hugely interested in the idea that there will be a taste difference," he says. He chucks over a chopped handful of fresh green herbs and forks out some meat, milky white tinged with coral. "It is gorgeous, a real bib-round-the-neck job," he says. "The texture and sweeter flavour is quite amazing." This safe, easy-to-use invention should be welcomed by thousands of cooks who, unless skilled enough to spear the nervous systems of crustaceans, become uncomfortably inured to boiling them alive.In what might be the best Halloween restaurant ever, this historic Tombstone eatery now serves up a varied menu of steaks, potatoes, burgers, and bar food as well as Mexican standards in a building once known as The Bucket of Blood Saloon.Which is creepy enough, until you realize Virgil Earp – kind of the Frank Stallone of his era — was shot on the second floor.Buckhaven sets up the machine, lifting the lid and filling it with water then adding a little salt. "A large 2lb lobster takes 2-3 minutes to die in boiling water but it takes half a second of 110 volts to stun a lobster and five more seconds to fully kill it." A live lobster is placed in the water inside the machine. The Buckhavens financed the development of the machine themselves, with the help of the Humane Slaughter Association and have 30 orders already. Crustastun ( is available from Brakesgroup ( catering equipment division.A large scale version of the machine will also be installed in their distribution depots, and will be able to supply small restaurants. The machine is already in the following restaurants: Crabhouse Café, Ferrymans Way, Portland Road, Wyke Regis, Dorset (01305 788 867), Restaurant Alimentum, 152-154 Hills Road, Cambridge (01223 413000) and Hakkasan, 8 Hanway Place, London W1 (020 7927 7000).


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