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Some openly gay people were able to be successful in the 1980s.Murathan Mungan has been openly gay throughout his professional life as a successful poet and writer.

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In 1996, the Supreme Court overturned a lower court's ruling and removed a child from her lesbian parent on the grounds that homosexuality is "immoral".She asserted that "if freedom and equality is for everybody, then sexual orientation discrimination should be eliminated and rights of these LGBT citizens should be recognized." On 9 January 2012, one of the columnists named Serdar Arseven of an Islamist newspaper called Yeni Akit wrote an article calling LGBT people perverts.Court of Cassation penalized Yeni Akit with 4000 TL and Serdar Arseven with 2000 Turkish lira for hate speech.On 21 September 2011, Minister of Family and Social Policy Fatma Şahin met with an LGBT organization.She said that the government will actively work together with LGBT organizations.The desire of Turkey to join the European Union has put some pressure on the government to grant official recognition to LGBT rights.The report on progress in Turkey for the accession to the European Union of 14 October 2009, the European Commission for Enlargement wrote: Homophobia has resulted in cases of physical and sexual violence.In Istanbul (since 2003) and in Ankara (since 2008) gay marches are being held each year with a small but increasing participation.Gay pride march in Istanbul started with 30 people in 2003, and in 2010, there were 5,000.Throughout the 1990s reports by IHD, Turkey's Human Rights Association as well as international human rights organizations such as Amnesty International stated that transgender people were frequently being harassed and beaten by police officers. Owen Bowcott, 1996] Reports of harassment and violence against LGBT people still occur in the twenty-first century.One article even stated that police had set fire to an apartment unit with many transgender residents. In 2008, a homosexual Turkish-Kurdish student, Ahmet Yildiz, was shot outside a café and later died in the hospital.


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