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Please share us with your friends and don't be shy! Having trouble deciding if you’d rather roleplay a storyline in a chat or forum setting?However, warning, if you are easily offended: this journal may not be for you. I’m here to give you the pros and cons alongside basic run downs, to let you choose which is better for your group or partner!You don’t feel like you’re holding things up as much.You can also style your posts more, using BBC or HTML coding to make it pretty. 20-30 posts can be made in a single day, and the pace can be kept up every day.You can or will have a user name depending on how tight security is on a forum.

Nothing has to stay the same and you can still get a lot out of it, without having a shadow of what you did hanging over you in earlier posts.

I’m on my way home from Denver, where I testified as an expert witness at a deeply troubling trial—a trial that has become way too common in America. Jones”, goes into a Yahoo adult chatroom, and makes it clear he wants to have conversations about sexually dominating a young person.

A person responds—let’s call her “Missy”—who says she’s a teen who would gladly chat with a wiser, older man about the ins and outs of sexual things. Jones” proceed to exchange hundreds and hundreds of emails, texts, and phone calls, which range from incredibly boring to graphically sexual.

You can lose track of the emotional thread that held you there, which can lead to not replying because you aren’t “feeling it anymore.” You can forget about a thread if you’re not careful, and you have to hand-refresh in order to find out if there’s been a reply.

Chat roleplay can feel too quick, and drain you faster because of the demands involved.


  1. May 12, 2017. One day, out of the clear blue sky, police arrest the real Mr. Jones it turns out that “Missy” is actually a police detective who was hanging out in the chatroom, and Mr. Jones has broken the law against adults discussing sex with minors over the internet. But wait, says Mr. Jones—he wasn't discussing sex.

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