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The next morning the informant called back and gave investigator’s Tyree’s Yahoo screen name: “masterforteenslavegirls.” Using this information, investigators reached a Yahoo vice president in California requesting the IP (Internet Protocol) address. Entering her room they found her, stood her up, and draped her in a coat to cover her nakedness.

And after placing a call to Verizon representatives in Texas, at a.m. Alicia remembers the moment she heard the pounding at the door. And then—as she says in her 2007 testimony before Congress—”Then I saw the most beautiful letters in the alphabet—FBI—in bold yellow on the backs of their jackets.

She’s taken her message everywhere from Oprah to U. In many ways it is fantastic, but there are also elements of Alicia’s story that are very typical of online predation. In her travels to schools all over the country, she has met many teens who, like herself, have started venturing into risky relationships online.

Thanks to research funded by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and the Department of Justice, hundreds of case level interviews have been conducted concerning sexual offenses against minors that started with online encounters.

But for Alicia, the story doesn’t begin the day of her abduction. Parents, you won’t want to miss what she has to say.

Earlier in 2001, Alicia met “Christine,” a red-haired 14-year-old girl, online.

They became very close, sharing secrets, problems, and girlhood crushes.

To the lonely, bored Alicia, Christine represented what she really wanted in a good friend.

“It is taking you apart bit by bit, and putting you back together into who this person wants you to be.” Grooming is “a premeditated behavior intended to secure the trust and cooperation of children prior to engaging in sexual conduct,” says Dr.

“He was an absolute monster: the kind you would watch in a horror movie.

He was terrifying and completely overpowering in every single way.” The morning of January 4, Alicia was chained to the floor with a leather collar around her neck.

As she told me the details of her story, she never once said his name.

She only referred to him as “the monster.” She recounted for me the details of her four-day-long nightmare.


  1. Jan 8, 2013. 'Cannibal Cop's' partner 'wanted to make stepdaughter, three, a sex slave and offered two nieces to be raped'. Michael Van Hise accused of plans to kidnap and crimes against children; Allegedly sent photo of wife's niece, 7, to two people in web chat room; Also alleged to have offered her and her.

  2. Jul 8, 2011. From social networking sites to chat rooms, online forums and other communication venues, these predators are using the vulnerability of young people to manipulate them in different ways. They become a young person's "best. He had planned to make Alicia his sex slave. Three days later the FBI found.

  3. SEX SLAVE CRIMES GO UNPUNISHED, AMNESTY CHARGES ISRAEL Israel does not protect the rights of women and girls who are brought from the former Soviet Un.

  4. Nov 21, 2013. Kathryn arrived at the Mission after a short jail stay for prostitution. She told me that she was first abused by her father and then sold in online chat rooms when she was just 14. Continue Reading Tell us what you think! Please click below to recommend, share and leave a comment on this page.

  5. Nov 15, 2015. Lawyer Van Ngoc Ta, who works for anti-trafficking charity Blue Dragon Children's Foundation in Vietnam, said young women were often fooled into believing they were in a relationship online but ended up a sex slave after going to meet that man. “The men pretend to love them but sell them into the sex.

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