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Sexbot chat on the internet

In general, the stand-alone chatbot has the advantage that it is simple to install and use, has an engaging graphical interface and an audio component including speech recognition. For example ancient chatbot Eliza is now also available on i Phone, while famous chatbot A. It usually also has a graphical component built in, as well, in the form of an avatar (often female) that enhances interaction, thus improving user’s experience.

The first formal instantiation of a Turing Test for machine intelligence is a Loebner Prize and has been organized since 1991.

Sext Adventure was at Boston Festival of Indie Games this past September with a special peep show booth!

Hikari is a simple AI chat bot which is able to respond when you talk to her. She is still being developed at the moment, but hopefully some one will find a use for it.

In a typical setup, there are three areas: the computer area with typically 3-5 computers, each running a stand-alone version (i.e.

not connected with the internet) of the participating chatbot, an area for the human judges, typically four persons, and another area for the ‘confederates’, typically 3-5 voluntary humans, dependent on the number of chatbot participants.


  1. List Of Chat Bots. Edit. Classic editor History Talk 1 Share. TenFourOptics Contents. ChatBots Edit. Chat bots are bots that will talk with the user. This is a.

  2. ALICE I don't have a favorite human to chat with. My favorite band is Kraftwerk. Human Oooh! I love them! ALICE You love them. What do you like about it so much?

  3. Sext Adventure was originally designed to be played though your text messaging, but now it can be played on the internet!

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