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Sienna miller and channing tatum dating

“We’re a big, dysfunctional, functional family,” she laughs.

I think I was more conscious of the kind of work I wanted to do and the people I wanted to work with…

But now having, as she says, burnt a lot of bridges and almost sabotaged her career by her rebellious behaviour, she’s happily settled into a life of domesticity with actor Tom Sturridge, the father of her two-year-old baby girl Marlowe.

“I have a completely different life,” she says with a laugh as we talk in a New York hotel suite.

“She was incredibly open and forthcoming and because she never knew whether Kyle was going to survive she kept everything, so there was tons of source material.” The movie, with its emphasis on Kyle’s number of “kills”, which earned him the nickname “Legend”, was unfamiliar territory for Miller.

“Culturally it was so different from anything I grew up with in England,” she says. “This was real America and completely foreign to me, so apart from being directed by Clint Eastwood and working with Bradley Cooper, which was an enormous pull, the chance to explore that alternative culture was a real draw for me.” Despite her very English accent and sensibilities, Miller was, in fact, born in New York.


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