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Gallo's has one subsidiary making wine coolers (Bartles & Jaymes) and another making draft ciders (Hornsby's Pubdrafts, Ltd.). Bottles have a Julian date (year trailing) on their cap.Cases, on the other hand, have a "MM-DD-YY" on the Beer's Jason Alström tipped me off about Sierra Nevada's bottling dates (which are stamped on the shoulder of Sierra's bottles: The first four digits are a YDDD date (that is, Julian date, year-leading.

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As is common with beer industry disputes, it's easy to blame the complexity of the system.

"Pete's Wicked Ale" is a registered trademark of Pete's Brewery.

American craft brewers tend to fight for freshness as a core attribute of their competitive difference.

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  1. American craft brewers tend to fight for freshness as. On Monday, he reported specifically that Sierra Nevada. All content ©2018 Good Beer Hunting.

  2. ARMiller's Beer Dates Decoded. Beer Sterogram Brewpubs Beer Sayings Home Brew. Sierra Nevada uses a coded nine-character bottling date.

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