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Simpsons ned flanders dating video

However, on July 7, it was announced Fox signed all of its main cast members, including Shearer.

Ned Flanders is a genuinely well-meaning good-natured person and is one of the few in Springfield to whom that description applies.

For those of you that don’t know, Stanley Kowalski is a gruff, controlling character that was once famously played by Marlon Brando in the film adaptation.Maybe that’s not your classic definition of “hunky,” but any guy that rushes into a burning building to save someone (especially someone that doesn’t even really like him) is my personal savior.Nedward "Ned" Flanders Jr., usually referred to as Flanders, is a recurring fictional character in the animated television series The Simpsons.As most Simpsons fans will know, the two start dating and eventually wed.This means that Bart is responsible for Edna’s happiness, which I’m sure she would be thrilled about.A devout Evangelical Christian with an annoyingly perfect family, he is among the friendliest and most compassionate of Springfield's residents and is generally considered a pillar of the Springfield community.He was one of the first characters outside the immediate Simpson family to appear on the show, and has since been central to several episodes, the first being season two's "Dead Putting Society". in Portland, Oregon, the hometown of Simpsons creator Matt Groening.Ned is very honest and sincere in carrying out the Christian doctrines of charity, kindness, and compassion.He is frequently shown doing volunteer work, and is rigorously honest and upright, even going so far as to spend an entire day tracking down a Leftorium customer in order to give him the extra change that he had forgotten to hand over.During the annual Jellyfish Festival in Springfield, he’s reminded of his wife’s death and returns to his shop to distract himself.A young woman enters his store and asks him on a date.


  1. RIP original Ned Flanders. So to mourn the loss of OG Flanders, we put together some of Ned’s. As most Simpsons fans will know, the two start dating and.

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