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After each one, you’ll come back to Amanda and relay what happened, usually, followed by “I love you” and “I love you too, Pops.”That’s what Dream Daddy is about—healthy, loving relationships where people are able to speak their mind about emotions, flaws, and love.Each dad is complicated and flawed in some way, and you don’t ‘fix’ them, but you help them in some way.

Individualization and in-game incentives were preferable and informed the design of an interactive technology-based adherence intervention among AYA living with HIV.

The third date is the kicker, though, as that decides which dad will be your Dream Daddy, ending the game.

You can rush through, quickly choosing a favourite and rushing into bed together, or take your time, playing the field and going on dates with everyone before choosing your match. You might say the wrong things sometimes, or have to save a girl who waddled into the penguin enclosure at the aquarium, but it’s always a fun time.

The relationships you make end up improving the lives of everyone involved as these dads forge a support network.

Above all else, the dad you play wants to make sure Amanda is happy.


  1. Days ago. Why sex simulator, Honey Select, is a game we should actually be talking about. Article by Matt S. Note None of the below is any more NSFW that what you'll usually see on DDNet, and please read through it all, because I'm not actually going to spend long talking about the “adult” side of the game. Just in.

  2. Sep 9, 2011. Incredible Sex Game. Apple App Store. This virtual board game challenges you and your partner to make it to the bedroom. The game gets racier as you progress until you finally arrive in bed. Think of it as an adult version of Candy Land. Price $0.99. 16/16.

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