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After I hit the second trimester, he told me that he... I thought long and hard before leaving my abusive ex. So, I moved back to my hometown after leaving my husband. It's hard for me to focus on myself with someone else's negative thoughts and energy in my space. If I could hire a big gun lawyer like the father can I would. Yes being a single mom is hard but I've learned a lot about myself. Between school and sports, I have no me time or time to meet someone. which makes being mom a little different from the ordinary being mom..but I figured a living mother was better than a dead one. today I reached out to my ex-husband (living in another country) to discuss my sons autism, and... I thought for a long time that I would stay in the town where he and I lived together (no family of either of us there). It has been a scary journey, but it somehow just feels right. I do know that I am raising a special guy who will make a girl very happy one day. but i wouldn't trade him for a "normal" child no matter what.. an abusive drunk who beat me, my mother, and both my sisters he would also rape my youngest sister but he never really touched my brother. Later that day he was arrested and my brother disappeared. Our daughter was nine years old when I decided I'd best get away from her father.Not that he's out of her life, I wouldn't want him to, because he's her dad and will always be. I've not dated and have been celibate the last 16 years also.The father and I broke up before I knew I was pregnant, and he is back with his teenaged ex girlfriend, who is still in high school. But I always hated living there, and he is passive-aggressive and emotionally abusive.

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floorboard's loose ceiling fan hanging what's that noise? mower broke backup busted weed-eater won't f-ing start. I divorced my ex sometime ago for many negative reasons. I have been dating and sleeping with a wonderful, divorced, and coworker for over 2 1/2 years. She was a drug addict and was also pregnant at the time. old girl, she is my life but I also need to be able to provide for her so I have to go to college (which I postponed until she was of schooling age) I was a typical teenager you know, the only difference is I forgot one time to make sure he was protected, one time. Latest: When last I updated this story, I had just sent off my evaluation form. whilst trying to find work, and 4 months pregnant with a precious little girl (Naming her Autumn ). Thank you to everyone who donates (Link will be sent to you if you want to donate, pm me directly ) It just happened that way. My former husband and I raised all of our kids as nudists. - Well, it's more important that he's good to you, Mom. The evening that I went into labor, I had my mom drive me to the hospital. -- I would only be with someone who is good to you. when she was born, I have always felt like a single mother.Before you get involved with a new partner, as a single mom you wish there were a few things you could tell these potential paramours bluntly, although laying it all on the line might be a bit intimidating!If there were a guide to explaining to your love interests the things that they should know before dating you, a single mom, this one would be it!Just because I hate his guts doesn't mean she can't see him. A 60-hour work week is a light week for me, and I find myself never having enough time to actually enjoy life.I don't have time for conversation or for any type of social life, and have truly failed to... Recently, we reconnected and started hashing out what went wrong.If you want to work from home as a chat agent, here are nine companies to check out. Check out Flex Jobs and Indeed — they have lots to choose from.Just make sure that you fully read the job description.We were dating for over 2 years when I was seven weeks pregnant and we found out. as well of 3 boys 6,8,11 yes I would also do everything I can to make sure they r ok but I made the choice to have them so I have to make sure I get out there and make the decision to b a good mom and get a steady job if u can even hold a steady job in first place should make... First suggesting that I get an abortion and then calling my best friend behind my back to ask her if she could convince me to do so. I was in a long term relationship and lived with him. he's nervous about it, which affects his attitude, then he gets in trouble, because he irritable, and cranky and mean and crying, and whining and... I had enough of him and got a 5 year restraining order. Last weekend, my son put on his jersey and basketball shoes and shot 13 hoops out of 50. I answered nicely : "I don't have time for a boyfriend. Single mothers who aren’t spending their time looking for a man but spending their time providing for their children are the most admirable people on earth(Dedicated to all beautiful single mothers out there) for 10 years.He said he wanted to get married and even bought me a ring. Finding out you are pregnant at 21 is scary, but it's also not the worst thing that can happen... I am tired, I am getting suicidal and even though I am on anti depressants I am depressed, But I will never let go for my son's sake. Long story short, he is 20 and I'm 16, he was very controlling to the point of by 3 weeks after I moved into his place, he was all I had and he made me feel that everyone else was... When she was 5 months old he tried to kidnap her and that was my breaking point. I learned that I can't be with someone who got goals but no plans. His father chooses not to be part of his life or help contribute financially.


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