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Sintinel not updating after license release

The copy protection mechanism for the Arc GIS Desktop 9.x Concurrent Use product lines including Arc GIS Desktop, Arc View Concurrent Use, and Arc Info Workstation, has been updated to the FLEXnet Publisher v11.6 software.Important Notes: Extract the files contained in the uncompressed tar file.

On the computer where the license as activated, these modules also manage the license usage.In this case, the License Manager PC will differ from the computer where Test Complete is installed.Both Node-Locked and Floating User licenses use the Sentinel LDK License Manager service for license management (activating, running, updating and moving).When a license is detached from the network, the license includes all Features in the Product that have been designated as detachable, and all protection key memory for the Product.Each instance of a detachable license relates to a specific recipient machine.If you create an Entitlement in which you have several Modification Products that have been created from a single Base Product and one Modification Product has a Feature that is detachable and another Modification Product has the same Feature ID but it is not detachable, the Feature values for the last added Product will be applied.Only the Features for which the detachable options have been enabled will be included in a Product that is detached from the network.Test Complete uses the Sentinel LDK License Manager service to activate licenses and to manage and verify license information.If the service is not running, Test Complete cannot check it and therefore cannot start, or, if the license has not been activated yet, it cannot complete the activation.The service is started automatically after Test Complete is installed and automatically starts every time the operating system loads.You receive this error message because the service is stopped or is not running properly.


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