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Site like gumtree dating

Anyhow, I understand your scepticism about his idea. Few Months you have a prototype, 12k in the bank to spend on marketing, a prototype, and each party owns 50% of the business. It is very hard to do things like the OP is suggesting without knowing people that are in the space already, or having lots and lots of money to gamble.

For both parties to have 50% equity, the non-developer would need to be contributing 12k in capital of their own. The project the OP is talking about ould need to be super sound before most people would gamble on it.

I would recommend taking a look at a few of the threads of people who have hired cheap offshore developers and the amount of grief they have dealt with. If, after reading, he still wants to go the 'cheap' option – prepare a spec and throw it up on something like elance or freelancer. When a friend 'asks' you about a business plan he has no experience in, check to see if he's willing to do 'hands on'. he's hoping you'll do the work and he'll do the cashing in (personal experience with friends/family).

Step 2: Come back in a few months (or longer) and ask us either:- Why his site looks terrible- Why competitors are better- Why he's lost all his money- How much it will cost to 'get it fixed' I know this post seems negative, but there's a bunch of these "I have an idea. Its not hard if you want to try an off the shelf classified web applications and develop it to suit your needs and style.

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They have even been known to telephone their victims as a first introduction.

120 * 100 (bottom end of suitabilty skilled freelancer rates) = 12000 = developer contribution.

When you say collaborate, do you mean work for equity, sure there are people that would be interested subject to:- a sound business plan- adequate financing/capital- a fair equity structure- a suitable shareholder agreement/contract outlying each parties responsibility, both initial and ongoing For example say in the initial prototype stage its going to be about 120 hours development to get going.

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