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It can fit 1 or 2 persons and it would be 25 euros if it is for 3 persons. The appartments contain one double bed and one couch that fits two persons as well. 30 225 30 71 831 or mobile phone 30 69 3739 11 [email protected] 700 (UNHCR says 245), 165 as of August 2017 56% Syrian and Iraqi (Arabic and Kurdish), 42% Afghan and Iranian as of June 2017 50% children former army base, site managed by Oxfam and Mo MP Facebook: Information Point for Filippiada Volunteers ---- OLD data Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016): https://data2.unhcr.org/en/documents/download/53941 Refugee-friendly (accpeted refugees in winter 2017)Double bedrooms : 28 euros Studio for 3 persons : 31 euros 30 [email protected]

p=p_7&s Name=the-fontana-rooms Max 214, 173 as of January 2017 27% Pakistani (Urdu), 25% Syrian (Arabic / Kurdish?

----- OLD data Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016): https://data2.unhcr.org/en/documents/download/5394119€ per night in a double room 180 Euro per two weeks 300 Euro per month Its a shared flat, available for volunteers and professionals.

All facilities included: Internet, washing machine, Central heating, hot water and electricity. Winter schedule is usually: Molyvos: 11.00 and 13.15 Monday-Friday, 11.00 only on Saturday. DOUBLE-CHECK schedules at because they change seasonally. reopened in Jan/Feb 2017 to house relocated people from islands.) warehouse on premises FB community page: Vasilika Camp Max 1500 (UNHCR says 1,050), 1,096 as of August 2017 Was closed/empty in fall 2016; reopened to receive people from Cherso. 92% Syrian, Iraqi and Palestinian (Arabic and Kurdish), 1% Congolese (French), 7% other as of June 2017 48% children Former army base, housing donated by UAE, managed by DRC and Hellenic Army. --- OLD data 650 (UNHCR says 205), 157 as of August 2017 89% Syrian (Arabic and Kurdish), 11% Iraqi, as of June 2017 40% children, 40% men, 20% women Managed by Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and Mo MP Also spelled: Lagadikia --- OLD data Greek Camp Report: (mid-April 2016) https://data2.unhcr.org/en/documents/download/53941 (January 2017) Max 400 (UNHCR report says 300), 373 as of August 2017 ------------------ 70% Syrian and Iraqi (Arabic), 20% Afghan and Iranian (Farsi / Dari / Pashto), 10% other, as of June 2017 40% children aka Centre for Temporary Accommodation of Foreigners Asylum Seekers Lavrion NOTE: There are two Lavrio camps: this one (in the town of Lavrio), and another outside of town, in an old summer camp.

Hope Project aims to provide a safe environment and a platform where they develop and contribute towards everything at the centre, society and their own future.

Hotel and hostel, rates as low as 10 euros/night: "we can offer a 15% or more discount (from any online listed price) to the volunteers that are coming to Athens/Greece to help out with the refugee crisis." Pittakou 6, Plaka, Athens Greece 10558 Office/Fax: 359NGO of the Church of Greece 1 Iasiou str., Athens & 20 Iridanou str, Ilisia GR - 115 28, Athens Tel: 927, 210 7272 270 E-mail: [email protected]: Contact person : Mrs Efthalia Pappa ***Legal aid, psychosocial support, monitoring, advocacy, networking for capacity building of church relating organizations (via Refu Comm)Max 200 (UNHCR says 450), current 14 in July 2017 100% Syrian (Arabic) as of June 2017, 48% men Managed by Hellenic Air Force and ADRA. Some people call this Petra as well (distinct from Petra Olympou farther up in the mountains).

Max 2500, 2038 as of July 2017 ------------------------------ January 2017 UNHCR site report gives this as three camps: Eleonas I and II: 55% Afghan (Farsi / Dari / Pashto), 35% Syrian (Arabic), 10% other Eleonas III: 75% Syrian, 20% Afghan, 5% Iraqi Cabins for 8 people with a shared bathroom. It is run by the group Pampiraiki (also spelled Pempiraiki, Pamperaiki). TO REQUEST SUPPLIES: If you are the main camp/squat contact, introduce yourself via email to Katerina or Negia: [email protected](details: https:// Doulgeris, she will arrange the price according the number of persons and how many nights you want to stay.

Farmer understandably irate about his sheep getting lost! Tell them you are volunteering with the Kempsons to get the deal. Monday to Thursday 9-5, clothing, food pack distribution (temporarily suspended, as of Nov 25), access to skype, legal information about accessing the asylum system and integration support.52, Kapodistriou street GR - 104 32 Athens Tel: 210 52 46637, 5249564 Fax: 210 52 46646 E-mail: [email protected]*** material help and social support.*Limantziki* is the beach just west of here, where Greek lifeguards are based.8, Thesprotias street GR - 104 44 Athens GREECE Tel.: 00404 Fax: 00442 E-mail: [email protected] persons : Mary Laura Capodistria, Evdokia Kouvara *** interpretation services, escorting and legal support of unaccompanied minors *** METAdrasi also operates in LESVOS, SAMOS, CHIOS, KOS, LEROS, IDOMENI (KILKIS)late October 2017: will either close or become permanent ---- Max 1500, 700 as of August 2017 ---------------------------- 98% Afghan (Farsi / Dari / Pashto), 2% other as of January 2017 Run by International Office of Migration (IOM) FB group in Greek: Ομάδα αλληλεγγύης για τους πρόσφυγες της Μαλακάσας Greek Camp Report: (mid-April 2016) for 1 or 2 persons with heat; special rates for volunteers--call and ask for Evi. Retinioti ***medical and psychosocial aid ***Medecins du Monde also operate in PERAMA, CRETE, PATRA, KAVALA, THESSALONIKI Procedure for clinic: Arrive at 7am sharp to get a numbered ticket for kids' doctors and general health appointments (there is a lady doctor).The appointments are for the same day, starting from 9am until closing time at 5pm, in number order.Please note: there is also a lighthouse on the east side, well past Skala Sykamineas.*That* should be referred to as "The End" to avoid confusion. Very kind.12, Sapfous street GR – 10553 Athens Tel: 00150 (central office), 3213485 (clinic) Fax: 00850 E-mail: [email protected] person: Ms.------ OLD data Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016): -- has photos. Office is in Mytilene town, but can arrange pickup at airport.Tel: 30-22510-27825 Mob: 30-6932896712 Fax: 30-22510-44280 E-mail: [email protected]: dirt road up the hill and around.For psychological and psychiatric support for migrants and refugees with interpreters speaking your language. Open daily from 9am to 5pm – on Tuesday and Thursday it remains open until 8pm. Drosopoulou 72 (near Platia Amerikis) – Athens E-mail: babel(at)Tel: 210 - 8616266 Contact person: Nikos Gkionakis *** psychosocial services Details of program: Belvedere Hotel is offering rooms for 10 euros a night to volunteers. ***medical assistance Contact person: Ms Marietta Provopoulou Day centre.- Landmark on the dirt road connecting Eftalou and Skala Sykamineas. For medical response, this is the dividing line between zones 1 and 2 (west of here) and zone 3 (east of here).Classes take place, five times a week, from Monday to Friday. 5 times per week, From Monday to Friday, between the hours of 10 a.m and 3 p.m, on the premises of the Greek Forum Of Migrants (Patission 81 street, 1st floor)43 Mauromateon street GR-10434 Athens (Mavrommateon) E-mail: [email protected] persons: Ms Maria Kaldani Ms Katerina Poutou ***ARSIS also operates in THESSALONIKI, VOLOS, ALEXANDROUPOLIS **shelters, social support and legal aid Location approximate Max ~515, 212 as of June 2017 72% Syrian and Iraqi (Arabic and Kurdish), 12% Eritrean (Amharic), 16% other, as of June 2017 20% men, 37% women, 43% children ex-kids camp near Ioannina, opened May 2017, managed by Intersos and Mo MP receiving people relocated from islands ------- UNHCR stories began in April 2016Or: 30 22530 23275 or 207 or [email protected] this is the best place on the island for tools. Open Mon-Fri 8-3 & 5-8, open Sat AND Sunday 8-3pm You`ll need a taxi to get from the airport to Mytilene town.They wait for planes, but you can also ask your hotel to arrange a taxi driver to meet you.


  1. Jul 23, 2015. Zununova, however, warns that dating and marrying strangers via the Internet raises the risk of human trafficking, "especially when it involves undereducated young girls." There are no official statistics on how many Tajiks have married via Skype, but RFE/RL's Tajik Service spoke to five couples who said.

  2. Information for volunteering with refugees in Greece. Monday to Thursday 9-5, clothing, food pack distribution temporarily suspended, as of Nov 25, access to skype, legal information about accessing the asylum. Dirty Girls Laundry. warehouses Greek Islands Lesvos Molyvos / North coast 27. September 2016.

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