Smart playlist live updating

Want to make an i Tunes playlist that will fill your i Pod, without making one that's too big to fit?

With an i Tunes Smart Playlist you can do this and much more. Start by making a new Smart Playlist by selecting File New Smart Playlist (or hold down the option key and click the gear that appears in the bottom left hand corner). Rock," but you can choose any of the options you want.

However, when it comes to your i Pad, i Phone, or i Pod Touch, you may not able to sync your entire i Tunes library to your mobile device(s).

In this rule, specify (Rating) (is) (*****) so that we only include our favourite songs in this mix check that option, the playlist will just be a static snapshot of your Music Library that satisfies all the rules you’ve set, although you can edit it later at any time and turn that option on.

If you want to limit the number of items in the playlist, check the Limit to box and enter the maximum number of items you want, as well as the method used to sort the playlist (e.g. Select the OK button to finally create the Smart Playlist.

Hit play and i Tunes will play all the songs in that playlist in random order The process of making your own Smart Playlists is extremely simple.

In this example we’ll create a music-only playlist with items you’ve already rated 5 stars and that were added to i Tunes in 2012. From the i Tunes File menu, choose New Smart Playlist (the keyboard shortcut is OPTION COMMAND N) 3.


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