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Sophos remote updating

Sophos haven't came back to me, I asked them few times :-( I gave them a script that I was working on, I requested them if they can modify that and include / expand it more and provide there script or tool to take Sophos out, they haven't responded.

Noted will let you decide whether to close or keep the question.

Sophos Auto Update is the updater program which runs with Windows (in the background as a service) and automatically starts up when your computer boots.

It checks for updates and automatically downloads and installs them if found based on the user's settings.

If that happens that we would need to find out what those are and update the script like the one provided by @btan to remove those, so that others may also help from those scripts which we have created and works.

Sudeep Hi @Btan, Thanks for script, it uninstall but doesn't uninstall completely means End Point still stays there, also I have contacted Sophos support, they don't have any script, they are saying do it manually, one by one, which in our case is not possible, we have over 900 devices. If you encounter a problem when running your script we recommend you test uninstalling the components manually with Add/Remove Programs to ensure the normal method works correctly before troubleshooting further or contacting technical support.

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Sophos Patch Agent Sophos Compliance Agent (NAC) Sophos Network Threat Protection Sophos System Protection Sophos Client Firewall (SCF) Sophos Anti-Virus (SAV) Sophos Remote Management System (RMS) Sophos Management Communication System (MCS) Sophos Auto Update (SAU) Sophos Safe Guard components Sophos Health Sophos Heartbeat Sophos Endpoint Defense 6. The script didnt work :-( and we haven't found any script so far which can uninstall sophos.You can also access the Windows 'Run' box by press Windows R on your keyboard. Using the list below remove the Sophos components installed on your computer in the order shown2.If you cannot find one or more components listed below it may not be installed and you can move on to the next item.Note: Different product version may have different uninstall strings and hence this can mean the script does not uninstall components as expected.Prior to uninstalling the endpoint components, you should stop the Sophos Auto Update Service to prevent a potential update of the endpoint software during the removal. net stop "Sophos Auto Update Service" The order in which the endpoint components are removed is important.I have restarted the computer twice, didn't help :-( I have attached screenshots for the locations for Sophos.Program Data is hidden folder and in there it installs most of the components. Log in to the computer with a Sophos Administrator account.The administrator account may be your normal Windows account if you maintain your own computer. Make sure that an update is not currently being performed.You can check this by right-clicking the Sophos shield in the system tray of the taskbar and ensuring 'View updating status' is grayed out and cannot be selected. Open Windows services (Start | Run | Type: | Press return), right-click on the 'Sophos Auto Update Service' and select 'Stop'1. Open the Add/Remove Programs (or Programs and Features) window (Start | Run | Type: | Press return).Hi All, Does anyone have script to Remove Sophos End Point 10.7 ?I have tried the script under; https://community.spiceworks.com/scripts/show/1601-sophos-9-5-10-removal-script? Thanks s/109668 They do mention that you need to pay attention to Tamper Protection before you try removing anything and that you also need to watch the order of removal of their products.


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