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The major achievements of the Committee to date have been: •Establishing a database to record details of the Club's memorabilia collection and then cataloguing and storing all memorabilia to archival standards •Scanning the Club's photographic collection to archival standards •Producing books: North Adelaide's Greatest (about our Team of the Century) An Unshakable Will to Win (the story of the 1949 premiership year) North's Record-Making Year (the story of the 1952 premiership year) Never Say Die (the story of the 1960 premiership year) Two Glorious Years (the story of the 19 premiership years) Power, Guts and Glory (the story of the 1987 premiership year) • Acquiring the Farmer collection of scrapbooks and trophies • Mounting two exhibitions: "Legends" (featuring Barrie Robran and Ken Farmer) "Fabulous Forwards" (featuring Darren Jarman, Grenville Dietrich, Dennis Sachse, Don Lindner, Ron Phillips and Ken Farmer) • Organising functions to celebrate the 100th anniversary of our 1905 premiership, the 60th anniversary of our 1949 premiership, the 50th and 60th anniversaries of our 1952 premiership, the 45th and 50th anniversaries of our 1960 premiership, the 40th anniversary of our 1971/72 premierships and the 20th anniversary of our 1987 premiership •Organising a function in 2013 to celebrate our Magarey Medallists, featuring displays of their medals, audio-visual tributes to each Medallist and interviews with Medallists/relatives. Port repeatedly went forward but North's backline, steady as a rock throughout, repelled them time and again. Medindie (despite its junior status), was invited to join the latter group, with the plan being to have four teams competing against each other.

•Establishing the Legends Room at the Club (featuring displays of all of our premierships, photographic tributes to Robran and Farmer, the Magarey Medal bar, Honour Boards and a datashow of images of the Club's history) •Producing and installing an explanatory plaque next to the Reedman Memorial near Adelaide Oval •Completing and displaying membership badges throughout our history •Researching, documenting and displaying jumper designs used by the Club •Recording interviews with past players and officials As well as the ongoing collection, cataloguing and storing of memorabilia, the Committee has the following goals for the next few years: • Completion of a Games and Players database, recording details of every match played by the Club and every player who has represented the Club • Establishing suitable archiving procedures for preserving all film of SA football • Collecting video of all matches involving North Adelaide • Preparing a comprehensive history of the Club for publication • Establishment of a NAFC Hall of Fame The current members of the Committee are listed below with their main areas of responsibility to provide a guide to the kind of work in which each person is involved. Finally, the tension was relieved when the final siren sounded. Medindie's sudden elevation is something of a mystery as it wasn't the strongest club in the Adelaide and Suburban Association, having failed to make the final in both seasons.

Although there were numerous other clubs that used the name of "North Adelaide" prior to 1893, none of them bore ties to the current club. In their opening games of 1888 both Medindie and North Adelaide had taken the field in red-and-white uniforms.

Other stars in this historic team were Jack (Dinnie) Reedman, Norman Claxton & the Pash brothers, Harold & Norman. Like the previous match about 100 people attended, but unlike in the previous match the weather was perfect.

North Adelaide produced its first Magarey Medallist in teenager, Philip (Phil) Sandland. Captained by the champion, all-round sportsman Jack (Dinnie) Reedman, North played and comfortably defeated South Adelaide in the Grand Final after a sensational disqualification of Port Adelaide had occurred prior to a Port vs South final (when Port refused to play their match under the appointed umpire). The final result stood at North 5 goals 14 behinds to Medindie's four behinds.

• Plan and develop suitable displays of the Club’s history. Tragically, he and his younger brother Elliot were involved in a collision between their motor cycle and a truck in Frome Street near the zoo on the following Friday. Then Port scored twice more to reduce the deficit to just 6 points. In 1886 Medindie was promoted to the Adelaide and Suburban Association, and spent the next two seasons playing in that competition.

• Where appropriate, seek funding to facilitate establishment of displays. Ken injured an ankle but Elliott, who was the driver, sustained severe head injuries and died soon afterwards. With the Port defenders concentrating on the dangerous Farmer, Hawke was able to score an easy goal for North to relieve some of the pressure. In 1887 Medindie's captain was Jim Besley who would join ‘senior club' South Adelaide during the season.


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