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Several court and government departments had offices here.

The first industries consisted of one grist mill, four tanneries, two asheries and four wagon makers, in addition to tradesmen of various types.

There was a County Court House and Jail, six churches or chapels, and a steamboat pier for travel to and from Montreal and Kingston.

Two newspapers were published, there were two bank agencies and the post office received mail daily.

This entitled it to be represented by its own elected member in the House of Assembly.

Henry Jones, the village postmaster, was elected in October 1830 to the 11th Parliament of the Province.

The first elections for the new Board of Police were held on April 2, 1832, when four male citizens were elected to the Police Board.

The commanding British General in Upper Canada and temporary administrator of the province was Major-General Isaac Brock.Lawrence River occupied the settlement, seized military and public stores, freed American prisoners, and captured local militia soldiers and leading citizens.General Brock had learned of the honour being offered by the residents of Elizabethtown, but had no chance to give it his official blessing before his death.On October 13, 1812, he was fatally wounded while leading troops up the heights near the village of Queenston, then temporarily held by American militia.A raid on Elizabethtown occurred on the early morning of February 7, 1813, when Benjamin Forsyth and 200 of his American forces crossed the frozen St.They were later called United Empire Loyalists because of their continued allegiance to King George III.The struggle between Britain and the 13 American colonies occurred in the years 1776 to 1783, and seriously divided loyalties among people in some colonies such as New York and Vermont.He was celebrated as the "Hero and Saviour" of Upper Canada because of his recent success in securing the surrender by Americans of Fort Detroit during the first months of the War of 1812-14.After the surrender of Fort Detroit, General Brock was next involved in other battles on the Niagara Peninsula.While the explorer Cartier recorded about 200 words in their Laurentian language and the names of two villages, the people had disappeared from the area by the late 16th century.Anthropologists believe they may have been driven out or defeated by the powerful Mohawk people of the Iroquois Confederacy (Haudenosaunee), who by then reserved the St. This area of Ontario was first settled by English speakers in 1784, when thousands of American refugees arrived from the American colonies after the American Revolutionary War.


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