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Only after the process was completed did Felicia learn the power came from the Kingpin.

Afraid of how Spider-Man would react, she kept her new abilities secret from Peter.

So when Spider-Man disappeared during the "Secret Wars", Felicia sought out a way to make herself Spider-Man's equal.

After being rejected by the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, Felicia was offered an opportunity to undergo a process similar to that used to create the Scorpion and the Fly.

Her newly-gained 'bad luck' power was infectious and began to permanently jinx Spider-Man, which was exactly the Kingpin's intent.

Feeling a wall of secrets growing between them, Spider-Man broke up with Felicia, which infuriated her since she was just about to break up with him to protect him from the effects of her "jinx".

Indeed, Strange's magic not only removed the jinx but changed the Black Cat's powers in the process.

She discovered her bad luck powers were gone, but replaced by a heightened strength, agility, balance, vision, and retractable claws.

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Spider-Man was the first man she felt she could trust and she grew to love him.

He tried to capture her again, but Felicia seemingly flung herself to her death rather than go back to jail.

Captain De Wolff ironically arrived with the now useless amnesty papers shortly after.

If she loved basketball, she should work to become a basketball player and not just a cheerleader.

Felicia Hardy's father Walter Hardy was a world renowned cat burglar who, before his arrest, encouraged her to never settle for second best.


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