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And we can’t blame them – of course, sensationalized stories get more eyeballs and clicks (and more ad revenue).

But when you’re a new […] Continue reading By Caitlin If there’s one thing every sugar baby wants more of…it’s sugar 🙂 That sugar can come in the form of cash, gifts, trips, educational expenses paid – you name it, we’ll take it.

But how do you go about getting more sugar from your SD without demanding, whining, stressing him out, and being an all […] Continue reading Age & location: 36, SF, CA, U.

The rest of Hank’s profile, which told me that he was middle-aged, played sports, and worked in finance, was of less interest.And it’s not like we’re going to go to our closest friends and family for tips and advice.So we poke around the Internet for sugar baby tips and stories and […] Continue reading By Emma Ever since sugar daddy sites started getting media attention, the mass media has been bombarding the public with sugar baby myths about who a sugar baby is and what she does.It is only natural for males to target cues to fertility such as youth and beauty, and for females to be drawn to displays of resources.Why sneer at suspected gold diggers like Heather Mills or the late Anna Nicole Smith if they were merely following their evolutionary instincts?I had a career as an actor for many years and someone very influential started to look after me so I decided to uncover more of this […] Continue reading By Caitlin I want to start this article by saying that it’s perfectly normal to want sex from a relationship.Many of the men you’ll meet on websites like Seeking Arrangement are looking for a young, attractive woman to have a relationship with and yes, many of them will want to have sex with you.And we’re not just talking about the many different ways you can receive your allowance but about the frequency.As you may […] Continue reading By Caitlin One of my favorite things about sugaring is getting to experience some of the finer things in life – things I wouldn’t have been able to experience on my own in my wildest dreams!I had become a member a few weeks earlier, partly as a social experiment and partly out of genuine desperation.I was frustrated with my job, which offered little upward mobility, and was thinking about quitting it to pursue my goal of becoming a full-time freelance writer.


  1. SugarD is a creative club designed for the elites, riches and powerful to meet the beautiful,sexy and young women for dating and fun. Through our app, Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies both get what they want. Do you want people on your terms and change your life for the better? If “Yes”, you are coming into the right.

  2. May 20, 2017. I went to a Sugar Baby summit – this is what I found about how to date a rich older man. A sugar baby who married and divorced her sugar daddy tells us that rich men probably won't have a profile picture as they're the ones with something to lose if people find out they're on the site. Anna Schaverien.

  3. Feb 26, 2013. Go inside the "sugar daddy/sugar baby" dating scene on the premiere episode of "This is Life with Lisa Ling," Sunday, September 28, at 10p ET/PT on CNN. Serena Cervantes has been struggling to earn her bachelor's degree for seven years. With tuition for two courses at her California university.

  4. Sudy is the #1 dating app for wealthy and successful sugar daddy meet beautiful and attractive and young sugar baby. WHY CHOOSE SUDY? Sudy is one of the largest matchmaking app for wealthy millionaires, beautiful, attractive and successful people to meet each other. Sudy's members are primarily 3 millionaires and.

  5. May 18, 2017. At the Sugar Baby Summit in London, self-confessed sugar babies learn how to secure rich sugar daddies to shower them with money and gifts. Kashmira Gander meets some of the women at the summit to find out why they've ditched conventional dating.

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