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Surviving high school dating raven guide Filipino freesex dating site

Try to keep a positive attitude, including body language and facial expressions, as you walk through the halls and you'll feel more approachable to other kids.If someone you don't know introduces themselves, start up a conversation.When you fully understand what's been taught it will be easier to get your homework done quickly and keep grades up.Get your friends involved in a little competition by keeping track of how many times you each speak up in class.Use class notes to make homework time faster or to help with studying for tests and big projects.Create a shorthand to make note taking faster and more fun like using emojis for common terms or using the first letter of each syllable in a word instead of writing out long words.

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Once you've met some new kids, introduce them to your old friends to widen your social circle.

Each of you can keep a little note with tally marks then compare your scores with each other at the end of the day to come up with an average for each person.

Think of a fun prize the "losers" have to give the winner like carrying their books the next day or each buying them a treat at lunch.

For example, if you like music, you can take a band, choir, or orchestra class. Then you'll know the friends you make actually like being around you.

Build your self-confidence by leaving little notes somewhere secret but frequently used like inside your closet or dresser drawers.


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