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The gap widens as the policymakers and media plays remain ignorant of the dangers of not talking about sex and how sexual health plays into the entire healthcare system.It is noteworthy that professional development for media professional, political and public good will and the alignment of policy, research, and media practice are vital to change the current discourse.How is the anthropologists' sexuality perceived by the people with whom he or she does research?How common is sexual violence and intimidation in the field and why is its existence virtually unmentioned in anthropology?In such patriarchal societies gender bias is common and women are mostly at a disadvantage because they are voiceless even when it concerns matters of their bodies.Consequentially, there is a wide gap that remains unattended when it comes to fund allocation for education, health, social services and the media that offers a voice to the marginalized women.These are but a few of the questions to be confronted, exploring from differing perspectives the depth of the influence this tabooed topic has on the entire practice and production of anthropology.

This is usually a cliché that masks the real situation in the region.

The great man is sitting in a sombre Viennese interior, no doubt pleased with the popular reception of The Interpretation of Dreams.

You can see the craquelure, smell the leather and the polish, sense the aspidistra, sniff the dust.

Additionally, the policy makers ironically focus on the issue adopting diagnostic approaches instead of providing prescriptive approaches that could help solve the problem once and for all.

Sadly, the media in Middle East has also adopted the behaviour from the political class where they are reluctant to break the taboos.


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