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Teen christian dating and kissing

I'm not in a sexual relationship, but some of my Christian friends are.They say it's OK because they had dated their boyfriend or girlfriend a long time and felt that they were ready for the next level of commitment. My question: Is kissing the farthest your relationship can go physically if you believe premarital sex is wrong?It's well known that couples who live together and have a sexual relationship before marriage are more likely to divorce.The fact is, sex before marriage isn't good preparation for a marriage.When we define a relationship by what goes on physically, we forget the qualities that really make for a healthy, lasting relationship—qualities like compatibility, respect, and shared values and interests.These parts of a relationship are more important than sex, whether people are married or not.And I'd say too intimate for unmarried teen couples.I also think you need to seriously evaluate the amount of time you spend kissing. But I don't want to get much more physical than brief kisses and holding hands.

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I'm confused about why the Bible says premarital sex is wrong.

But please don't underestimate the value of a kiss—or its power.

When deep, passionate kissing goes on for long, it's simply a warm-up for sex.

I am 16, and I have been going out with my girlfriend for almost a month and a half. We have a great relationship, and we talk about anything and everything. When kissing begins to dominate your time together, or when it is just the beginning of a physical relationship that will go further, kissing can become more hurtful than helpful.

We have set physical boundaries, agreeing that we will not go beyond kissing. What would you say is right and wrong in this area? Two bad things can happen when you try to make a kiss more than a kiss.


  1. Have you ever tried to list out all the different dating. The Golden Rule in Christian Dating. How can you know you have chemistry without kissing?

  2. How Far is Too Far? When you're in a dating relationship do. They're dating people outside of the Christian faith. They're dating people who have. French Kissing.

  3. Teen Life / Dating & Sex; So you think you can date. You said that Christian dating is about when and. KIssing tends to lead to more and God spefically.

  4. The Bible does not really tell if it is okay for Christians who are dating to kiss. Personally I don't see any problems with kissing when you are dating someone you.

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