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Teenage dating in highschool

However, I soon found that these things aren’t really what they seem.A few months into my freshman year, I jumped right into a relationship.However, I didn’t know the guy well and soon found out that my infatuation was short-lived.After that experience, I realized relationships aren’t just things that happen.My experience seeing my friends in […] Read Story » Many teens’ first relationships are quite the learning experience.

High school brings different things for everyone, and that includes relationships.

Nor does it mean there is something wrong with you.

The common movie trope of a couple grabbing a hotel room after prom is beyond far-fetched. Yes, maybe some people do, but for me prom was about having a good time with my friends.

Just like consent is important for any sexual situation,…

Read Story » “Yes” and “no” are words we all use on a day-to-day basis.


  1. Dec 1, 2015. Everyone in high school is having sex. Only about half of all high schoolers have ever had sex. I will date in high school. Lots of teens don't date during high school, and, in an ideal world, no one would judge you for it. If someone does judge you for it, that's there issue, not yours. I'm supposed to have sex.

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